Kate Middleton Features Heavily In New Mr Brainwash Exhibition

Mr Brainwash the less talented star of Banksy’s Oscar nominated film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” has announced his imminent arrival in London on 5th of August for the official opening of his UK solo show. The Exhibition is being mounted in The Old Sorting Office, a 1950’s brutalist monstrosity made redundant by the slow privatisation of the Post Office. It is located on New Oxford Street  just near the British Museum.

Mr B continues to bemuse us all, with his “Life Is Beautiful” theme. It is a shallow recycling of popular images of Pop Stars, Royals and other British clichés, poorly composed, badly painted and lacking the flair and wit of his idol Banksy. A source close to the exhibition has revealed that the show will feature large installations of portraits of the Duchess of Cambridge, Princess Diana and William and Harry. They will carry out the duty of generating a cash cow for Mr. Brainwash, a moniker of Los Angeles-based filmmaker and commercial artist Thierry Guetta. Brainwash had spent the better part of the last decade attempting to make the ultimate street art documentary film. Meanwhile, inspired by his subjects, he started hitting the streets, from Los Angeles to Paris, with spray painted stencils and posters of his uninspired images.

No doubt we can look forward to Kate Middleton dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Prince William as David Bowie and Harry well… Bob Marley? This show will either fall completely flat on the British public or make Guetta a fortune. If you can drag yourselves away from the Athletics it may be worth a visit, if only to laugh at it!!!

Visit Exhibition Here

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