Kate Middleton Take Madonna’s Advise Nude Photos So What

Kate Middleton should be taking a leaf out of ( I hate to say it) Madonna’s book of priceless quotes. When at the height of her career, Penthouse magazine got ahold of a 1979 shoot of Madonna by the photographer Jere Threadgill, a photography student, at the time the pictures were shot. The tabloids tried to create an embarrassing climate for the singer but failed. When asked about the photos getting published her reaction was, “Nude Photos, big Deal! ” That was the end of the story.

Last spring Nude photos of a 20-year-old Madonna hit the auction block at Christie’s Auctioneers. One photo of  Madonna , taken before her meteoric career launched sold for $10,000. Madonna , then known as Madonna Louise Ciccone, earned as little as $25 for the 1979 modeling session.

Madonna has also posed for the respected artist/photographer Lee Friedlander, who shot her for Playboy in 1985,  when she was a 20-year-old dancer trying to make ends meet. She answered Friedlander’s newspaper ad seeking a nude model, said Matthieu Humery, head of Christie’s photography department. Six photos from the shoot were sold to Playboy. “For Friedlander it is a very typical way of taking pictures of a woman,” he said. “He likes very natural women. It reflects Friedlander’s aesthetic. “There’s not a hint of glamorizing,” he added. “That’s what makes it powerful.”He said he knows of no other prints of the black-and-white photo. Friedlander has said of the photo session that Madonna “seemed very confident, a street-wise girl. She told me she was putting a band together but half the kids that age are doing that. She was a good professional subject. 

Madonna modeled for Helmut Newton, the late, German erotic photographer. At auction these photos realise $10,000 to $15,000 each. In 1992 she created ‘Sex’  a coffee table book written by Madonna with photographs by fashion photographer, Steven Meisel Studio with film frames taken from film shot by Fabien Baron. The book was edited by music critic, Glenn O’Brien and was released on October 21, 1992 by Warner Books. It was an accompaniment to her fifth studio album Erotica, which was released a day earlier.

We do realise that this is an entirely different situation concerning the Duchess of Cambridge, her profession and position as the wife of the second in line to the throne. Catherine did not pose for these photos, they were a stolen, unauthorised use of her image, taken in a private moment on private property. It will however be a difficult case to control, with publications around the world featuring the images. These countries have varying privacy laws and this does not include the internet which has a whole different set of rules and reach altogether.

Yesterday, sources claimed a topless puppet of Kate Middleton would appear on the hit comedy ­programme, ‘Les Guignols De l’Info’. This series is France’s version of ‘Spitting Images’ It has sparked outrage in the past when it accused Spanish sports stars, including tennis champ Rafael Nadal, 26, of being hooked on drugs. Last night a spokeswoman for broadcaster Canal+ refused to comment on claims the show planned to target the Duchess of Cambridge, 30.

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