Keith Levene Announces His LoNDoN 1976 Art And Music Project

The iconic guitarist, (The Clash, PiL) composer, producer and artist Keith Levene has announced his “LoNDoN 1976 Project” which celebrates the spirit and ethos of the British punk rock movement, on its upcoming 40th anniversary. The British Punk movement was infused with visual art merging with music and performance art. There was never a more diverse and creative energy erupting in the UK.

“In 1976 I was a teenaged guitarist/artist who was intimately involved with the leaders on the emerging punk then post punk scene: the Clash, Sex Pistols and Public Image, Ltd. (“PiL”).  I co-founded the Clash and collaborated with the Pistols’ front man to form PiL. Many people have advised me that these three bands influenced countless other musicians and artists all over the world down through the years,” states Levene.

LoNDoN 1976 involves various events including an online gallery installation experience which will premier on January 1, 2016 on Levene’s website 

Additionally, Levene will make a very rare public performance at his “LoNDon 1976” show in Manchester this November where his original art will be displayed and he will perform live music. A conversation session is also planned to include a reading from Levene’s book “I was a Teenage Guitarist for the Clash!” regarding his experiences in London 1976.

“There was nothing cliché or corporate about those times or that original punk scene. Rather there was this feeling in the air in West London that if you had an original, independent idea you could express it through the music or art or clothing you created or zines you published DIY.  I like to think I kept that independent DIY spirit throughout my 40 year career and “London 1976” will be a capstone event for me,” explains Levene.

A crowdfunding campaign has been established for the “London 1976 Project” and numerous perks are available including shout outs on Levene’s social media accounts, books, music and even Levene’s signed guitar HERE

Read Keith’s Blog Here

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