Launch of Gitoon – A New Service for Art Creators & Curators

Do you love art, but find it difficult to find good artworks online? Are you an artist looking for a platform that doesn’t require prohibitive gallery fees?

Gitoon – a new service launching on the 28th of January – aims to bridge the gap between the traditional gallery and the wealth of artists and works on the internet.

How does it work?

Artists can sign up and submit their work for free. The art is then anonymously shown to curators, who rate it on a scale. Each curator can’t see what the others have said until after they have submitted their vote, to ensure that the process is fair. The works that received the highest votes are then published on Gitoon, and artists can see the feedback left by the curators.

The service was born from several conversations with artists who wanted to garner helpful feedback on their work, but who found it difficult to get their art seen by anyone impartial. The past few years have also seen a growth in networks that centre around visual representation and those that allow artists to post their own work, but there can be a feeling of “information overload” with such services due to a lack of quality control.
Gitoon aims to address these challenges by allowing artists to submit work, but encouraging curators to only allow the best works to be published. There are a number of different levels of curatorship on Gitoon, weighted by how influential someone already is in the art world. For example, a vote from an art professor or professional curator will be given a higher weighting than a vote from a member of the public who has signed up as a junior curator.

Gitoon is free and open to anyone who is interested in art, whether as a curator or a creator. The service officially launches on Wednesday 28th of January, and there is a beta version available in the meantime for anyone who is interested in trying it out.

You can sign up and take a look at some of the works that have already been published at

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