LED is on its way: Milan’s International light festival

What is the shape of light? This is the leading question in the new issue of néo the international e-magazine which is dedicated to the theme of light in all its nuances.

Nuances like LED at the International light festival.


Starting from the 4th of December until the 10th of January 2011, Milano will be lit up by sixty installations by international light designers in order to win scenographic supremacy in light design.


The iconic city of design has called together creative excellence to design and decorate the city lights: up coming talent and famous designers (like Karim Rashid, Gilbert Moity and Matteo Thun) will transform the city with light installations and shows  which “dress up” streets, squares, parks and city monuments.


As well as the installations by famous light designers for the City Council there will also be related initiatives: the LED Satellite and the LED award.


The LED Satellite is being held directly by the leading international light design companies.

The LED Award which is dedicated to young professionals is an international contest which ended in May with 30 winners whose work will be shown by the organisation.  The aim of the contest was to bring young designers into contact with leading companies as well as with the most famous artists in the field of lighting.


A preview of the project can be seen on the site www.tourism.milan.it (Direct link: http://www.turismo.milano.it/wps/portal/?WCM_GLOBAL_CONTEXT=en/situr/home/ragioniesserci/creativita/LED_Light_Exhibition_Design


At this time Milan is the scene of creativity not only on the roads and squares but also on the web: it is still possible to vote for the artistic work in the ideaMi contest, that has been a big success on the web, as well as to take a look at the new “Milan” products on the site www.turismo.milano.it , which launches Milan as an innovative and trendy brand.

Also on the site www.tourism.milan.it you can find the new AMAMI CARD, the card that allows free access to the main museums, on public transport and that gives you fantastic reductions to enable you to fall in love with Milan in 48 hours.


On Nèo (www.neoenews.com), via email this week light becomes a spectacle, fascination, culture and history. Through stories and videos there is a journey of light through different eras. Light as a philosophy of life; as an authentic cognitive reality of man.

On www.tourism.milan.it you can find all information about:

LED, Light Festival

IdeaMI Contest

New Milan Brand products

Amami Card

To get the new issue of néo (in English, German, Italian or Russian): sign up for free at www.neoenews.com

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