Les Mondes Frax 4-D

According to French art critic, Jean-Francois Lyotard, in his essay “What is Post-Modernism?” he writes, “It must be clear that it is our business not to supply reality, but to invent allusions to the conceivable, which cannot be presented.” Lyotard’s statement refers to all fine art mediums, and is certainly applicable to photography. With the advent of digital imaging, we are allowed an arena in which to make what was previously unphotographable, more readily available. We are creating meaning through the restructuring of “real” images and are able to hypothesize the future. 

“Les Mondes – Frax 4D” 

In the past, my work has been described as dystopian. This new series reflects an ambiguity, perhaps even a utopia. Using analog photography with digital imaging, I have combined both experiences and imagination. The digital elements of my work always seem to stand for the hypothetical, the imaginative, whereas the photographic remains based in a neutral “reality”. The images are metaphors, which can be subjective in meaning for each viewer. For some they may represent something of longing – material, spiritual, or otherwise. For others, they may represent fear of the unknown, perhaps alien or menacing. Either way, the images reflect things to be – hopes, dreams, fears and desires. In this way they are subjective, but they are rendered through my vision which is complex, abstract and beautiful with elements both subconsciously chemical and consciously digital. They are my world, inner and outer. 

-Holly Armishaw

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