Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair

Common people, but sometimes also arts professional, think that it is not so easy to understand the meaning of certain contemporary art installations, paintings and sculptures, and to decide which works can be considered as valuable and which cannot.

If you would like to look into these matters, find some answers to these questions, and above all discover and learn to appreciate contemporary art, you should go to the Lisbon Contemporary Art Fair, which takes place every year in the Portuguese capital city. The 8th edition of the fair will take place from the 20th to the 24th November, with a preview on the 19th, in the spaces of the Feira Internacional de Lisboa (FIL), situated on the north bank of the river Tagus. This building is surrounded by wide open spaces, but also by various leisure and shopping areas, where visitors will have the possibility to spend pleasant moments also before and after visiting the fair.

Inside, visitors will have the possibility to immerse completely in the world of contemporary art, thanks to the exhibitory spaces that will host around 70 Portuguese and international galleries, which will have the opportunity to show the works realised by the artists that they represent to a huge number of people. In particular, there will be 45 Portuguese and 25 international galleries, including 21 Spanish exhibitors and other guests coming from Brazil, Mozambique, Germany and Korea. However, all the exhibitors have something in common, that is the high quality of the works they will display, and this is a guarantee for the high level of the event. All exhibitors, indeed, have been chosen following precise criteria, such as the quality of the exhibitions hosted by the galleries, a proof of the collaboration with artists, presence in other international art fairs, presence of the artists’ works in private and public collections, the capacity that the gallery has to support their artists also abroad, the collaboration with other international galleries. Using all these criteria the organisers of the fair have succeeded in selecting particularly valuable galleries, and visitors, but also professionals and collectors, visiting the fair will certainly find important and quality works, including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photos, installations and experimental works realised both by well-known and emerging artists.

Hence we can also understand what the fair is aimed to: promoting and selling great contemporary art works offering an exhaustive survey of works, as well as creating connections between galleries and artists and collectors, museums and art professionals. The fair is also intended to make people learn to know and appreciate contemporary art, informing visitors through a big number of publications.
The didactic role of the fair is self-evident if we give consideration to the Art Kids, an event that characterises this fair in a peculiar way, and that is meant to make children between 3 and 12 years old discover contemporary art through a great number of scheduled events, such as a treasure hunt during which children are asked to find out in which stands some works have been shown, and interesting workshops where they can create their own masterpiece.

This fair is fit for people of all ages and all levels of knowledge who want to learn to understand and appreciate contemporary art.

Lisbon is rich in art and culture, and the Contemporary Art Fair is only one example of this

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