Lorena Balbinot: a Studio75 Artist


Lorena Balbinot makes collages and paintings that express her perception of global events that she receives through the mass media, processed and reified into “news product” and then re-authored into art.


Lorena exhibited her collages at Studio75 and has published a limited-edition book of the collages, ”Reality Show(N)” (2012)


Lorena’s recent series of painting continues her themes of the individual, yet shared, response to global issues. Her work insists on the personal perspective of these world events, images burned into the eye and ear by electronic media then reworked and considered, meditated upon through paint on canvas, making us see the subject matter paradoxically more “real” than the media image.


The images of violence and despair expressed in the paintings are more disturbing as paintings than as photojournalism. Photojournalism, for al its wonderful qualities, only shows us what we didn’t experience. The clinical objectivity of the camera implies a distance between observer and observed. But there is no “them” in these paintings, there is only “us”. In this work Lorena puts “us” into the situation. We sweat, feel afraid, feel sorrow, anger. Feel.



– Gillian McIver, Studio75 London

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