Melting Cultural Frame-works

Melting Cultural Frame-works


Big metropolises such as London, New York, Shanghai, not to mention New Delhi or Mumbai are going to get even bigger in future, turning into mega-regions. They are busy cross-roads of ideas, concepts, and cultures, where immigrants often transform the dominant civilisation, whilst adjusting to a new way of life.


This theme is explored in Sultana Raza’s Frames 1 and Frames 2 selected for the Trick of the Eye international competition organized by Darkroom Gallery, Vermont, USA.


One can see civilisations  melting, transforming, passing through the frame-works of other cultures. Certain minority languages of the world will disappear in future, while Globish will continue to flourish. Perhaps the frame-works of cold countries are firmer, due to the unforgiving climate, whilst those of warmer countries more flexible in some areas of life.  


Fusion cooking, ethnic fashion, exotic accessories, are born and sold in this sizzling pot of melting cultures. What was considered to be old and boring in the homeland, can be vended as something new and exciting in the brave new world. For example, grandma’s jewellery that was considered to be too boring twenty years ago, is now worn by hip school girls, (bought in cheap retail shops).  


Identities are being changed on a daily basis with exposure to new concepts via the media and the Internet. Some people have learnt new languages such as Hindi or Dutch, just by watching films or TV shows. Will most frame-works melt down, and will we all have a global identity, or will some cultures be able to hold on despite the onslaught of Occidental ideals, spreading rapidly due to globalisation?


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