Naked City: Dozens Of Nude Models Descend On Times Square

Young Naturists in America have teamed up with the artist Andy Golub to promote ‘Body Image and Acceptance’ with full nudity on the Streets of New York. The event took place yesterday afternoon in NYC. The world renowned body painter, Andy Golub has united at the crossroads where art, nudity and acceptance intersect. This one day event incorporated 40 fully nude models and 35 of the top body painters in the USA.

“Regardless of what the big social networking sites may have you think, the human body is not obscene! These platforms are silencing the artists and activists, while promoting violence,” said Felicity Jones, co-founder of YNA. Her ever-growing frustration with social networking has prompted her to create: a platform she created to help raise awareness and rant about the ludicrous censorship policies online.

The 48-year-old body painting artist Andy Golub has been arrested in the past for public lewdness but this Central Park event was clearly on the up and up. The City Parks Department gave him a permit and the NYPD seemed fine with the idea. “New York City is the art capital of the world,” said 61-year-old Joe Churilla said as he had his naked body painted . Lakisha Alston, a nude model from Staten Island, was loving every minute of it,  “I get to represent one specimen ,” the African American said. “I am a big girl so there’s lots of canvas to work with.” Rachel DeBoer was both a nude model and a painter. “When people see me, it’s a powerful experience for them,” Rachel said.

Other go on to explain that “Our society is plagued with issues that stem from over censoring and hyper sexualizing the human body. We at YNA are constantly doing our best to educate the general population so naturally we jumped on the opportunity to work with Andy. By supplying most of the models, we hope to be able to illustrate that beauty transcends a number on a scale or a specific body type. We believe that all bodies are as beautiful as the individuals themselves.”

Photo: Courtesy Jordan Blum via twitter

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