Organic Form Impressions

Trying to understand the phenomenon of an Organic Form in the Built Environment, I have made a series of paintings which would fall into the category of architectural impressions. The following notes reflect my thoughts on this subject.

The aesthetic quality of an organic form is directly determined by its inherent metaphor and appeals both to understanding and emotional perception. The extent of such understanding is determined by the extent to which we are open to a new metaphor and ready to link an organic form and existing understanding of the language intended by the architect. The quicker the metaphor speaks for itself, the greater the degree of recognition and acceptance, and the less the need for any explanations.

 In order to understand an organic form one has to use a different, alternative way of cognition of the world taking as a basis neither reason nor logic. It relies on intuition, inspiration, and revelation. That is why this method, probably, is so powerful. The knowing and the knowable do not need to be in the opposition – like in the rational approach. Due to the intuition they amalgamate into one whole, and then, through the inner vision the vital energy of the moving world is transforming into an organic creation. Obviously, it may have some aesthetic or functional meaning, but still the main purpose is to reflect the juxtaposition of the two worlds at the extreme point of their existence. As a result, the sensation will be something lofty, dramatic, and even religious about an object of knowing as a whole.

 It appears, an organic form has a potential of transforming any closed space into a living entity that continually gives part of its vital energy to the people who use it. In contrast to that, a non-organic form, for example, – the one based on a rectangular shape, – dramatically reduces the amount of this vital energy.

 Organic architecture is not new. Quite the opposite. It’s the timeless way of building that has deep roots in the human experience and in the ethnic traditions of natural building in cultures across the world. 

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