Paul McCarthy Responds To ‘Sex Toy’ Sculpture Attacks

Infamous American artist Paul McCarthy has responded to the removal of his ‘Tree’ sculpture from Place Vendome, in Paris after the Parisian meltdown that took place last week over the work as it resembled a particular type of sex toy. It caused an unknown assailant to slap McCarthy in the face – three times, and the sculpture to be vandalized and subsequently removed. But now is would seem that the artist is fighting back in his own inimitable fashion.

McCarthy is now preparing an “aggressive” response to the vandalism and fervor that took place in Paris. This particular response will be unveiled as part of his exhibition at the Paris Mint. McCarthy’s solo show, entitled “Chocolate Factory,” also marks the reopening of the art space, after it went through a three-year rebuild – according to The Guardian.

The exhibition’s press release defines the show as a “wonderland experience” in which the visitor will be “lured into a fairy-tale forest of giant inflatable Christmas trees.” So, considering that the sculpture entitled ‘Tree’ – on display at the Place Vendome in Paris, France – was a massive, green, inflatable sculpture, and had raised a storm for its resemblance to a sex toy – even causing the artist to be attacked in the street – one can only guess at the next reaction.

The fervent protest over the artist’s work grew so loud that even the French president decided to have his say, Stating that “France will always be on the side of artists, just as I am on the side of Paul McCarthy, whose work was sullied, no matter what one’s opinion of the piece may have been,” said François Hollande while at the opening of Paris’s Fondation Louis Vuitton, reported by Agence France Presse; it continued, “We must always respect the work of artists … France is always ready to welcome artists and creatives coming from every country in the world.”

Guillaume Robic, spokesman for Paris Mint, said that McCarthy has also created a new installation in direct response to last week’s events. The artwork will comprise a bed and video, featuring a soundtrack in which the artist reenacts the insults that were yelled at him at the Place Vendôme, which include: “You dirty American,” “You shouldn’t be here,” and “Your work is degenerate!”

The artist’s exhibition will also feature a fully-functioning chocolate factory in which an assembly line of confectioners will produce likenesses of Christmas trees and Santa Claus; but don’t expect the chocolates to be traditional.

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