Polychrome sculptures by Pascal françois

Pascal François meets artist Hermann Amann in Avignon.

Hermann Amann was the founder of the « Nouvelle Pigmentation » movement.

In 2001, they decided to open the « Atelier de la Barthelasse », located in an old distillery on Île de la Barthelasse, across from Avignon.

It proved to be a favorable place for a series of five polychrome sculptures.

These direct stone carvings associated stone with pictorial technique and new color pigmentation’s.

A new vision of sculpture emerges from the shiny stone.

The color brings out the identity of the medium, expressing raw material as such.

The polymeric binder enhances the depth of color to be  stone and  draws from its own strength a live response to  its visual effects.

Secondary colors illuminate under the surface allowing raw energy to form, hence visible in polychrome sculptures.

Once materialized, color and energy are infused. Life radiates the shape.


Pascal François’s  series can be seen on  the artist website pascalfrancois.com and  excerpts of Hermann

Amann ‘s work can be found on the Seconde modernité website.

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