Remote: work by Courtney Price now installed

I am very pleased to announce that Remote has just installed 16 beautiful works by Portland based artist Courtney Price.

“The artwork I make is not about function and does not aim to reference anything specific – but it is both inclusive and exclusive of the things around.  I like lines and colors and planes and making things so I can see them be real, alive.  I do really enjoy plants, landscape and buildings, domesticated space, light, planes, rocks and the mysteries of the universe – I like and look at all kinds of things including behaviors and the dynamics between people, animals and things but I am not sure how these thoughts can be read in the work exactly. Where I might be distinguished by a sensitive, analytical and humored nature I think my artwork is where I am finding some rest from the meaning of things.  I like the nameless quality of abstract work and find it a peaceful and educational place.”

Courtney’s work is installed as part of “Homo Faber”, Remote’s second online exhibition publication, which is being curated by Hong Kong based artist Anna Gleeson.

I invite you take a moment to view the work on our site.

Many thanks,

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