Shaped In Mexico: Artists Inspired By Mexico To Open Second Edition

Shaped in Mexico is returning to London for its second edition, presenting a contemporary art exhibition at Bargehouse, Oxo Tower. The free exhibition brings together over 150 works by 32 international artists working across painting, drawing, video, photography, performance, sculpture, and installation in an exploration into contemporary art from, and influenced by, Mexico.

All exhibited artists are Mexican either by heritage or by creative choice: inspired or provoked by Mexico’s rich cultural tradition and identity. Supported by The Margain-Junco Collection, Shaped in Mexico contributes to the visibility of Mexico on the international stage by providing a global platform for emerging and mid-career contemporary artists. Spanning 4 floors of exhibition space, immersive large-scale installations, projects and specially commissioned performances from Shaped in Mexico will take place alongside a curated public programme of talks, music and events.

Considered one of the richest cultural traditions across the world, Shaped in Mexico celebrates Mexico’s aesthetic motifs – from ancient ritualism to Mexican Neo-Conceptualism – whilst asserting the country’s position within the global landscape. Popular culture, environmental concerns and social issues inform the works, with artists exploring the ancient past, identity, digital advances and the effects of globalisation on life today.

Artists exhibited include: Adrián Guerrero, Alejandra Alarcón, Alejandro Fournier, Alexandra Clark, Christi Haupt, Christian Becerra, David Gremard, Diana Coca, Elizabeth de Jesus, Ernesto Alva, Ernesto Walker, Federica Tavian, Gabriel Santamarina, Heriberto Quesnel, Irma Sofia Poeter, Jacobo Alonso, Luis Carrera Maul, Enguita & Lasso de la Vega, Mariana Gullco, Maribel Portela, Marisa Raygosa, Maru Rojas, Mauricio Cervantes, Oyslyn Whizar, Oweena Fogarty, Pablo Cotama, Pilar Enrich, Raúl Cerrillo, Silvia Lerin, Sol Martinez, Viviana Diaz and Warren Hair. Music performances include a set by Joe from Wisconsin, the alterego of artist Alejandro Fournier.

Shaped in Mexico also hosts a special exhibition: “Posters for Ayotzinapa” showing 43 posters by international artists, as a result of the Oaxaca Graphics Arts Institute’s First International Poster Biennale, and informed by the mass disappearance of 43 student teachers from Ayotzinapa, Mexico in 2014. Renowned artist Franciso Toledo, founder of Oaxaca Graphics Arts Institute, exhibits an installation piece composed of 43 kites, each one representing a missing student. Money raised from poster sales will be used to benefit the families of these students.

Shaped in Mexico is focused on a collaborative approach to production and has been generated through discursive means between collectors, artists, curators and collaborators. The project was developed in Monterrey, Mexico by a group of art enthusiasts: Lorena Junco, Silvia P. Morton, Daniela Fernández, Curator Olga Margarita Dávila and artist Raúl Cerrillo.

Artists are either directly invited to exhibit in project rooms, or apply through an open-call. Open-call artists are selected through an inclusive curatorial model, composed by Elena Aparicio (Spain) & Olga Margarita Dávila (Mexico), in a process that aims to transcend all Mexican geo-political boundaries, and promote the dynamism of the Mexican contemporary art scene in Europe.

Image: Alejandro Fournier, CD Juarez, Consumer Reports, 2008, Photograph, 1/5, courtesy the artist and Shaped in Mexico

Shaped In Mexico – Bargehouse, Oxo Tower – 4 September to 12 September 2015

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