Sponsored Video British Airways London Calling Takes To The Streets

“Sponsored Video” – ArtLyst wants to draw your attention to a new video which British Airways has launched to promote their role as media partners in the 2012 Olympics. It includes a soundtrack ,” London Calling” by the notorious Punk Rock band The Clash and shows a BA plane doing a tour of the London streets.  British Airways is passionate about supporting and helping our athletes to perform at the world’s biggest ever sporting event.

Meanwhile,the Turner Prize nominated artist Artist Tracey Emin is working with British Airways on making-over their aircraft in time for the Olympics. Her design is called ‘The Dove’ and is emblazoned across BA planes to celebrate London 2012. Tracey Emin has already got here hands dirty for the Olympic lead-up, having created a poster for the Games which was exhibited at Tate Britain last year. Now she is working with the British artist Pascal Anson on the new design for BA aircraft. Humbly, she attributes the creative energy to her partner, explaining that ‘It would have been easy to put a motif or a new pattern on the side of an aircraft, but Pascal’s design takes it to a whole other level’: ‘He uses the entire livery of the aircraft to redefine the way you look at it. The dove is a stunning piece of work and will bring real excitement to anyone who flies on one of the repainted planes.’

‘When I started researching birds further I realised it had to be a dove. Not only are they a symbol of peace but they were also used in previous Olympic Games ceremonies, including the last London Games in 1948.’

The BA Great Britons programme, for which the project has been conceives, was launched to find the finest talent in art, film and food. The winning short film, menu and Pascal’s British Airways design are all part of BA’s contribution to making the games a most memorable experience. Besides, we all love this cutting edge, feel good video. How cool is this sponsored article!

Watch Video Here

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