The Empire Strikes Back- Saatchi & Saatchi’s Contemporary Art from India

The Empire Strikes Back – Saatchi & Saatchi’s exhibition of Contemporary Art from India and Pakistan


The Exhibition is a display of Social and political comment and includes issues of Poverty, war, environment and religion. A thematic approach to immigration slums and poverty. The exhibition is a collection of work that Charles Saatchi has found in India by Artists Subodh Gupta and TV Santhosh some of the artists included, whose work is now fetching six figure sums. With twenty four others from India and Pakistan.

The Empire Strikes back runs until May 7th and is free to all to enter.

The installation by Indian Artist Jitish Kallat is the highlight of the exhibition

“The Empire strikes Back”, the installation illustrates part of a historic speech delivered by Mahatma Gandhi‘s speech in the 1930’s in protest against a British salt tax was recreated in letters spelled out with replicas of bones

 The bones spell out Gandhi’s commitment to total peace and absolute non-violence. It was just one of the many contemporary art works that form part of the contemporary Indian artist’s exhibition at the Saatchi and Saatchi gallery London. A lot of the Art works and installations are socially and politically charged but Charles Saatchi has been researching the art scene in India and felt there was a significant body of work coming from young artists to highlight some of the best works. Subodh Gupta uses kitchen utensils to produce monumental sculptures other pieces include a stuffed camel crammed inside a suitcase and a giant sculpture by Mr Kallat of a young boy selling books at traffic lights in Mumbai.

Saatchi’s collections have included Chinese, Middle-eastern and American art

All reflecting the much more global art scene, which exists today.

His patronage has help to for the young British artist movements in the1990’s

Launching starts like Damian Hirst and Tracy Emin.

The Empire Strikes Back- Saatchi Gallery


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