The Marmite Prize For Painting 2013 Winners Announced

This years Marmite Painting Prize was announced in London at the Tannery (27th June.) Brian Cheeswright won First prize for his submission Tomorrow is Already Here. He was awarded a specially produced artwork, donated by the internationally known artist Richard Wentworth, during a prize ceremony, earlier this evening. The two runners-up, who each receives ‘a pat on the back’, were also announced: Dan Roach for his painting Bridgegate and James Metsoja for Group. The winners were selected by a judging panel consisiting of Marta Marce, Dawn Mellor, Tim Stoner and 2010 Marmite Prize winner Iain Andrews.

The selection process is anonymous, with no artist cvs or biographies admitted. The concern is to be as fair as possible to every entrant. For this reason the committee have a two-tier selection and judging procedure: firstly there is a selection panel made up of the Marmite curators and nominees from the galleries involved, who select a longlist for the catalogue and shortlist for the show. Then the panel of distinguished judges, who are established painters, choose a winner at the London venue.

The purpose of the prize and exhibition is to promote artist communities and networks, locally and nationally, connecting artists through the touring exhibition and related activities. Marmite are in favour of DIY approaches, artist cooperatives, collaborative artist-led exhibitions and initiatives, and generally artists supporting each other to set our own collective agenda for Art. The aim is to support longlisted artists and artist groups in the localities of the Prize exhibitions, through mentoring, helping to form connections and partnership working.

The Marmite Prize For Painting 2013 Winners Announced

The Prize is best entered into in the spirit of participation, of a questioning of art prizes, and for the thrill of the exhibition. A cash prize would be inappropriate to its concerns: the focus is on the unplaceable value of the artwork, beyond ideas of ownership; as integral and necessary for life and thought. The Marmite refers to the Old English term for a cooking pot, alluding to the mixing of diverse practices encouraged, and also to the prize itself – a specially made interpretation of a ‘marmite’ which is donated by an artist; this is a symbol of exchange, a recognition that any ‘prize’ is unequal and no value may legitimately be put on an artwork; it also stands for the alchemy of the process of making – whether divine inspiration or rigourous working process; sweaty excitement or long, cool labour? A witch’s cauldron, a vat of nourishment, a scientist’s test tube?

Each year the prize is dedicated to a known artist, with this dedication informing the way in which the pictures are hung. This year The Marmite Prize IV prize winner will receive a specially commissioned marmite artwork, made and very kindly donated by internationally renowned artist Richard Wentworth.

The Marmite Prize For Painting 2013 Winners Announced

As is the case with most open submission competitions, we have a set of rules devised to make the procedure fair and just for all applicants.

The 32 artists short-listed for the exhibition are:

Amelia Barratt, Julian Brown, Simon Carter, Brian Cheeswright, Jules Clarke, Ben Deakin, Marie d’Elbee, Damien Flood, Yifat Gat, Alex Hanna, Hyojun Hyun, Phil Illingworth, Silvie Jacobi, Christopher Jones, Matthew Krishanu, Jana van Meerveld, James Metsoja, Paul Newman, Tom Palin, Alison Pilkington, Playpaint, Clare Price, Dan Roach, Greg Rook, Andrew Seto, Sabrina Shah, Blake Shirley, John Stark, Mathew Tom, Virginia Verran, Charles Williams, Eleni Zagkali.

Exhibition open from 28th June to 20th July 2013
Tannery Arts Unit 12 Rich Estate Crimscott Street London SE1 5TE

Below: Brian Cheeswright First prize “Tomorrow is Already Here” 2011

The Marmite Prize For Painting 2013 Winners Announced

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