The Thinking Substance

by Stanislav Geissler

We can say that is just a

  • 1000 pieces of Broken Glass
  • 1000 g of Plaster
  • 500 g of Resin
  • 500 g of Solder Lead Free
  • 8 Meters of Lead
  • 274 pieces of Cubic Zirconia
  • 289 pieces of Colour Glass
  • H 57 x W 38 x D 28 cm

Put together in harmony.

The person who will connect with the Thinking Substance should have the desire to share the legacy the author represents throughout the art work. The study and the meditation behind the Thinking Substance is the beginning of creation of the unseen and which we are calling the reality, with the desire to teach and learn with others. Part of the Thinking Substance is that the author communicated with the unseen, to show the understanding of metaphysics. In order to show that we are all connected, we are all, and all around us is created from the same Thinking Substance. In this vision, in the meditation the author receiving through others, images and capturing those in to the Thinking Substance in the reality or present time which appear to look like this. Continuous creation comes through the figure in the middle of the Thinking Substance; the same figure which appearing in the Nativity of Aphrodite/ Gratitude to Understanding. If gratitude is the will then the figure the author using is the gratitude to someone who made the figure in the past, and it was blessed to the author that the figure and the Relationship Vase, was in the right time at the right place so it can continue the creation. By listening and trying to understand through the connection the author took, the Thinking Substance for a spin as you can see in the video on You Tube. If the Thinking Substance was born in the author studio then it is the author’s responsibility to connect the Thinking Substance with its surrounding. But if the Thinking Substance is all and it is in all, then the author just wastes his time, but you never waste your time if you are learning or experiencing something new, which develops your mind, growing your spirit and harmonised with your body, then you achieve spiritual harmony.

The Thinking Substance

The Author;

My new Collection began in “Stained Glass or New Religion” I completely shake off any interrupting images that surround our lives’, and make myself immune towards what we call reality, and make myself comfortable in the imaginary reality, which is much clearer, happier and unbounded than all the things we can see around “the true”. The Thinking Substance is the epilogue to the Original Substance, which you could see in the video on You Tube. If you use the Original Substance in the right way for your advantage then the Thinking Substance would work for you. The Original Substance is the explanations of the human code, the legs, the body and the head of the sculpture is like a body, mind and soul. The Thinking Substance in the right use will set you free because that is the code of humans.

Thank you, Bless you how can I help you

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