Tom Estes performance ‘Cake Hole’ at ArtEvict

On July 17th, 2010, Tom Estes staged the performance ‘Cake Hole’ as a participant in ArtEvict, at The New Lansdowne Club, 195 Mare St. Hackney, London E8

The New Lansdowne Club was built c.1699. This Grade II* house is one of the earliest surviving examples of an early Georgian building in the London borough of Hackney. The building also has an interesting history – in 1845 the Elizabeth Fry Institute for Reformation of Women Prisoners was established here to honour Elizabeth Fry’s achievements.

Elizabeth Fry, a Quaker and social reformer, campaigned in the early 1800s for women prisoners to be treated with greater humility. She also campaigned for the importance of education and the learning of skills for life after prison. Many of her principles have been adopted worldwide.

ArtEvict is a monthly live art night hosted in derelict buildings and squats around London. With the ever-present threat of eviction orders, the project shares the fate of the tenants, growing as a nomadic troupe as we move from place to place. Since its conception in November last year, ArtEvict has established itself as an open platform for emerging artists to show new work in live art, bringing ideas to a forum for discussion and re-evaluation.

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