You Tube of The Art World?

An Art Fair for individual Artists is a rare beast, but perhaps that is about to change?

Invariably Art Fairs are made up of established galleries with established artists, creating a bottleneck whereby new and talented artists cannot be seen, as the galleries prefer to exhibit their established artists with a proven following. Whilst the commercial sense of this is difficult to argue, are the buyers and collectors missing undiscovered talent, due to the risk averse nature of Gallery owners, particularly in the current financial climate?

Well perhaps the newly created New Artist Fair which is taking place in London between 8th -11th September 2011 is about to change all that.

They have selected 15 of the best undiscovered artists and have created an Art Fair in which these Artists can sell directly to buyers and collectors.

Their website says:


“We operate an open arms approach to all artists who are looking to promote and sell their work directly to art lovers, buyers, and collectors in an art gallery environment without the art gallery costs. We are an Artist-run organization, so we understand the frustration and hassle of finding galleries and paying galleries to sell your artwork. The New Artist Fair 2011 London wants to give the artists back the power over how their art is promoted and sold.”


Perhaps this is the way forward for Artists, an Affordable Art Fair with an inclusive feel. The buyers can also guarantee the best price, meet the artists and build up a relationship with some of the brightest new talents around.


With nearly 1000 followers on Facebook in just a few weeks and 2 months to go until the event, my guess is that the galleries will be there, perhaps looking to snap up the talent, creating the You Tube of the Art world.



I will certainly be there, in disguise of course, and I hope that it lives up to its obvious potential.

New Artist Fair 2011
8th -11th September 2011
4 Wilkes Street, E1 6QF London


Facebook page:!/profile.php?id=100002463292295





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