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6 March 2016

Paul Carey-Kent Curates His Choices Of London Art Exhibitions For March 2016

Paul Carey-Kent curates his choices of London art exhibitions for March 2016. His rolling ten recommended contemporary art shows are all on view now. Thomas...

22 July 2015

Summer Art Exhibitions Not To Miss in London In 2015 By Paul Carey – Kent

Paul Carey-Kent one of London’s leading art critics give us his choices for summer art exhibitions not to miss. ‘Matthew Higgs and Clive Hodgson’ & ‘Figuratively’ @ Wilkinson,...

22 June 2015

Art Basel 46 In Pictures By Paul Carey – Kent

Here’s a rather perversely democratic choice of just one piece each from a dozen categories: Art Basel’s gallery section; Art Unlimited (the main fair’s hall...

24 May 2015

Art15 and Photo London Reviewed By Paul Carey – Kent

Paul Carey-Kent has gone on the prowl to find his top choices at the formidable Art15 and Photo London which both opened on 20...

25 February 2015

London Art Exhibitions March 2015 Picked By Paul Carey-Kent

There’s no doubt that the heavy hitters are hitting heavy just now (Marclay at White Cube, Tuymans at David Zwirner, Sarah Sze quadruple at...

6 February 2015

Paul Carey-Kent’s The Presence Of Absence – Berloni Gallery – Nothing Is Important

The Berloni Gallery presents The Presence Of Absence, the galleries new group exhibition curated by writer and curator Paul Carey-Kent. The principle of negative...

3 January 2015

Paul Carey- Kent Suggests 25 London Exhibitions For January 2015

2014 was certainly a good year for public blockbusters: late Matisse, Turner and Rembrandt, all of Veronese, Constable, Malevich, Polke and Kiefer, plus such...

25 October 2014


Frieze A Fading Memory: Paul Carey- Kent Recaps His 2014 Highlights

Paul Carey- Kent is no stranger to Frieze London. Here he recaps his top choices from this year’s mega fair and comes up trumps...

30 September 2014

London Art Gallery Round-Up October 2014 By Paul Carey-Kent

The latest in Paul Carey-Kent’s rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still see.       TEN CURRENT CHOICES Sigalit Landau: Knafeh...

10 May 2014

London Art Exhibitions To See In May 2014 By Paul Carey – Kent

TEN CURRENT CHOICES: Paul Carey – Kent Offers up a selection of the best art exhibitions for May 2014 The latest in his rolling...

29 March 2014

London Art Choices For April 2014 By Paul Carey – Kent

Paul Carey-Kent reveals his pick of the ‘ART’ Exhibition crop for London in April. It is a diverse gathering choices ranging from painting to...

3 March 2014

Up Now: Top Ten London Art Exhibitions March 2014 By Paul Carey-Kent

Art critic Paul Carey-Kent has released his latest, rolling top ten Current Choices of must see exhibitions, currently on view in London, in March....

4 February 2014

Latest Rolling Top Ten London Art Exhibitions February By Paul Carey – Kent

Sculpting in the gallery with an unusual industrial material, Frances Richardson’s Marx-quoting title casts her – with a little irony, surely – in the...

5 January 2014

My Top Twenty 2013 Exhibitions Chosen By Paul Carey -Kent

It seemed to be a good year for double shows. Looking in no particular order at the geographically-constrained selection of what I actually saw...

29 December 2013

London Art Exhibitions For January 2014 By Paul Carey- Kent

Paul Carey-Kent takes on the New Year with a selection of exhibitions ranging from Andreas Gursky to Daumier. On with the New, starting with...

3 October 2013



You won’t find much art which references Milton these days, but Maria Marshall’s world is – like that of ‘Paradise Lost’ – one of...

5 September 2013

London In September: Art Exhibition Reviews By Paul Carey – Kent

September brings a rush of shows as the ‘season opens’ – though mostly not yet, so there’s a mixture of ongoing pleasures and reliable...

4 January 2013

Ten Good Reasons To Visit The London Art Fair By Paul Carey-Kent

Ah, the London Art Fair (Previews 15 Jan, public opening 16-20 Jan at the Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, Islington). So why bother?...

29 December 2012


Cutting Into January: London Art Exhibitions By Paul Carey- Kent

Perhaps I could warm up by recommending three shows I’m writing about for other places:  * the two venue retrospective of Sanja Iveković at Calvert 22...

16 December 2012

Art In London With A Christmas Twist By Paul Carey-Kent

I’m no great fan of Christmas (wouldn’t once every two years be enough?) but here all the same is a fairly arbitrary box of...

1 December 2012

London Gallery Round Up By Paul Carey-Kent – December Preview

What would you sooner, solo show or group? This month I feature three solos varied enough to look like groups, tightly-themed and more disparate...

24 November 2012


London Gallery Reviews November 2012 By Paul Carey-Kent

November Moments I’m quite often struck by coincidences as I tour the galleries. Perhaps it’s the zeitgeist, perhaps it’s just the logic of chance...

11 April 2012


London Art Exhibition Update By Paul Carey-Kent

There’s enough interesting stuff round at the moment that I found myself identifying some extra shows which run into late April. We come into colour...

1 December 2011


The London Galleries In December With Paul Carey-Kent

HOW LONG IS YOUR PROJECT? London is painting central at the moment (Leonardo, Degas, Richter, Sasnal, Condo, Saatchi’s Germans, Dulwich’s Canadians…) but that’s not my...

4 October 2011


Around The London Galleries With Paul Carey-Kent

OCTOBER’S MULTITUDE No doubt about it: October is an almost embarrassingly rich month with Frieze itself plus other fairs, and the accompanying shows put...

25 December 2010


Top 2010 Christmas Exhibitions – Paul Carey-Kent

HUGE MEAL, BIG GALLERY, SMALL SHOW Most of the commercial galleries are closed over the Christmas and New Year period. The big museums and...

20 December 2010


Top Exhibitions 2010 – Paul Carey-Kent

By Paul Carey-Kent 20 December, 2010 2010 was a rich and varied year – so much so that what started as a top ten...

13 September 2017

Paul Cary -Kent Chooses His Must See Exhibitions For September 2017

Up Now in London - Paul Carey-Kent chooses the best of the Autumn season's start. 

21 April 2015

Paul_Cary-Kent: London Art Exhibition Choices For April 2015

CHOICES UP NOW The latest in my rolling top ten, together with previous choices which you can still see… Taus Makhacheva: Vababai Vadadai! @ Narrative...

30 October 2013

Post Frieze Latest London Art Reviews: Patterns For November

Paul Carey Kent analyses ‘The Post Frieze effect’ – lots of interesting shows – lastings well into November. So here we have a system...

26 October 2013


It’s About Time: New Exhibition Explores Visual Representations of Time

It’s About Time is a brand new London exhibition curated by Paul Carey Kent and  Christina Niederberger exploring the nature of time and how...

17 February 2012

Rupert Goldsworthy & Mark Stewart Naturally Collaborative Counter-Cultural Figures

Paul Carey-Kent Reviews ‘I AM THE LAW’ at Ritter/Zamet, London: 18 Jan – 31 March 2012  This show brings together two naturally collaborative counter-cultural...