Desperate Artwives Collaboration With Leyden Gallery Launch New Events Series

Desperate Artwives in collaboration with Leyden Gallery are launching a new series of events starting on Friday 27th April 2018. These multidisciplinary evenings aim to explore the work of women artists by providing an opportunity to present their work.

The first evening will include:

First slot 8pm

Delea Shand – Delea is a classically trained singer that has worked to a large extent in experimental music and performed a lot of graphic scores (graphic scores use images and instructions instead of using standard notation with fixed pitches and duration). Delea will be performing ‘Life changes into a beautiful world’ which she composed together with her children.

A l e x M a r c h – is a multidisciplinary artist working with drawing, film, photography collage and painting. For SHE SHOWS, Alex will present ‘Torture the Women’ (The China Cupid) a short film composed of a series of scenes taken from Hollywood screen tests of Alfred Hitchcock’s Rebecca. These scenes are digitally re-drawn and re- animated, the text edited and spliced to explore the cultural literary manipulations of woman as romantic object. The phrase ‘torture the women’ was used by Hitchcock when asked for his advice on how to make a thrilling movie.

S h a r o n R e e v e s – Sharon received a MA Visual Arts in Printmaking at Camberwell School of Art, London. Her practice engages with a search for the real, the raw and the power of sexual and emotional expression in our sense of identity. Inspiration comes from themes of suppression, inhibition, emotional resistance and freedom of expression of femininity, sexuality and self. ‘Licentia’ is an early video work that engages with the emotion of Printmaking and it’s process. The intense and sometimes brutal nature of etching and drypoint, especially resonate with the hyper-sensuality her work explores.

Mieke Vanmechelen born in Belgium she now lives and work in Ireland. She received her BA Philosophy and Classical Civilization from Trinity College Dublin and completed an MA in Art & Process at Crawford College of Art & Design. For SHE SHOWS she will be presenting ‘Nothing Further’. ‘Nothing Further’ is a visual poem about self-acceptance. The person is a ghostly presence and in the search for her ‘self’ she revisits matrixial transubjective encounters with partial subjects. These objects are represented by three figures, the Imaginary, Symbolic and the Real.

Second slot 8:45

Candice Joyce – Candice will lead our second slot by playing some of her most compelling songs. Candice is a singer/songwriters who has fronted the band Candice & the Crows and Kitten Cake. She plays jazz-tinged folk with a cherry pop-top.

Third Slot 9:10

Leah Thorn –

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Leah is a spoken word poet, activist and lecturer, published through performance, film and anthologies in England and the United States. At the heart of her poetry is the autobiographical exploration of identity and issues of liberation. Leah is the founder of ‘Older Women Rock’ – a project of poetry, retro clothes, performance and film to raise awareness and explore issues facing women in early old age [late 50s to early 70s]. During SHE SHOWS Leah will be presenting a clip of Older Women Rock (extract of a longer documentary) and perform poetry that highlights issues such as lack of media representation and the beauty industry’s influence on self-esteem and self-image.

Desperate Artwives is a collective of accomplished female artists whose creative practice interrogates their experience of being wives and mothers and questions social expectations and values which frame this role. The collective provides the encouragement, the opportunities, the validation and the contextual political framework and lightens the load saving time and providing the resources needed to exhibit and promote their work.

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