Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For September By Douglas Negrisolli

Milton Machado presents 40 drawings produced since the 1970s, plus 11 videos will be shown at Galeria Nara Roesler. The comic book “A Hope in the Hereafter” will be relaunched on his 40th birthday. Machado’s work drawing is especially highlighted in this exhibition. Extended sticky vinyl and displayed in the window of Galeria Nara Roesler, Heavy Hand is the first of the works with which visitors take contact.

In his work, Milton creates designs and articulates narratives seem logical, but in fact, fictional and unrealistic. Their quality of storyteller, beaded by critic Michael Asbury, originates characters and parallel worlds stubbornly conceptualized and strokes.

Nara Roesler Gallery 21 September Av Europa, 655 São Paulo

Photo: Courtesy of Gallery

Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For September By Douglas Negrisolli

The artist shows large-scale drawings, unpublished, all made in gouache. The title of the exhibition is part of a line drawn from the work [Elegias de Duíno] Duino Elegies of Ranier Maria Rilke. Nuno Ramos, himself also a writer, often inspired by the work of other poets, writers and composers. The compositions are all made only with gouache, charcoal and pastels featuring mostly just a color contrasting with the black coal. Common to almost all designs, besides the title of the series, are different verses, also derived from the IV Elegy of Rilke, printed on paper in block letters with charcoal. When extracting verses from their original context and include them in the drawings, Nuno explores the resonance of words in a context of abstraction.

Fortes Vilaça Gallery  14 September Rua Fradique Coutinho, 1500 – São Paulo –

Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For September By Douglas Negrisolli

The installation created for “Fail”, the name of show, is composed of an assemblage with found objects or collected by Sesper. Are layers of meanings individuals who populate his universe, pervading and relates to the urban counterculture movements. The work is a figure on a large scale, like a giant, applied directly to the walls of an anteroom of exposure.
Sesper works with the same technique of installation, forming human figures from the assemblage of cultural debris, such as texts, clippings and objects, revealing dynamics of exploitation and social control.

 Logo Gallery  5 October Rua Artur de Azevedo, 402, Jardim Paulista – São Paulo

Sao Paulo Art Exhibitions For September By Douglas Negrisolli

Lume Gallery opens the joint installation Orbits, result of an unprecedented partnership between Florian Raiss and Paul von Poser. The project has ceramic beads, painted “four hands” with expography designed to give buoyancy effect in the gallery space. The work was designed and developed especially for this year’s design week.

Seventeen find enamelled ceramic balls will be suspended in the gallery, in reference to the various meanings that the word orbit is, especially in astrology.

Lume Gallery  Rua Joaquim Floriano, 711 – 2º andar – São Paulo, SP

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