What’s On At The Sao Paulo Art Galleries This Week

What’s On At The Sao Paulo Art Galleries This Week

OMA Gallery shows mechanical of draw in other languages

The OMA Gallery mounts a group exhibition that includes the participation of five artists who concentrate on drawing as the central driver of expression. The show is curated by Douglas Negrisolli. The pieces selected for the exhibition vary in techniques using painting, collage and drawing. Among the exhibiting artists, two are represented by OMA Gallery: RIEN, author of works that bring in essence graffiti, and Thiago Toes, with reflections on the relationship of spirituality to be. Angela Camata brings in their creations situations experienced and not experienced, extolling a sensitive about memories. The artist Juliana Veloso presents an unvarnished truth, combined with a latent feminism, and Erica Kaminishi, Brazilian graduated in Visual Arts in Japan – where have ancestry – and it keeps going back and forth between Brazil and France, is related to the Japanese design, trailer home, land and even an imaginary geography of the East.

The diversity makes lines worked always wanted to draw on a work full of emotions and perceptions.

OMA Gallery at 17 September Rua Carlos Gomes, 69 – Centro – São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo www.omagaleria.com

Words: Diego Pudo | Photo: Angela Camata and Erica Haminishi

What’s On At The Sao Paulo Art Galleries This Week

 Artur lescher presents new series ar Nara Roesler Gallery

Working with wood, Lescher created pieces in rosewood with metal joints that suggest minimum and credible interpretations of books from the simplest folding. The sculptures, installations and objects are capable of extension and contraction through its joints and hinges – physical characteristic also of the pantograph (from Greek pantos = All + graphos = write), articulated device capable of copying, enlarge or reduce drawings mechanically.

Not only for this reason that the articulated parallelogram gives its name to the exhibition. Although not all the works keep a direct relationship with the shape of the device, all have an intrinsic principle pantograph, as they have the ability to articulate ideas and / or images of expansion and contraction. Artur made a several important exhibitions in Brazilian museums as Pinacoteca of São Paulo, Museum of Modern Art at São Paulo and others.

Nara Roesler Gallery From 12 August to 21 September Av Europa, 655 São Paulo

Photo: Courtesy of Gallery
What’s On At The Sao Paulo Art Galleries This Week
Fernando Lindote shows paintings at Central Gallery

In times of demonstrations and political engagement, Lindote proposes a dialogue with policy in the last decades. “In painting Brasilia is stamped the image of Congress, Niemeyer’s architecture. I chose to make a small screen, guarding the decrease of the dream with the Brazilian political reality of the 1960s, the dictatorship that I lived, “says the artist.

innocent Zé Carioca, Disney character. But the representation hide a research Lindote about designers – including one from Brazil – and American interests involved in kite shapes and setting of the comic on the hill of Rio de Janeiro.

With this opening two other exhibitions occupies the local, Ayrson Heráclito shows photography and objects, and the collective Jardim de Hermes [Herme’s Garden] exhibit fifteen artists with many draws, objects and photos.

Central Galeria Rua Mourato Coelho, 751 From 8 August to 14 September

Photo: Courtesy of Gallery

 What’s On At The Sao Paulo Art Galleries This Week

Portuguese artists opens exhibition in Fortes Vilaça Gallery

Highlight this Venice Biennale, Portuguese artists João Maria Gusmão and Pedro Paiva present photographs, bronze sculptures and films in 16mm, all recent or unpublished. Gusmão and Paiva explore references of existentialism in the philosophical tradition, metaphysical literature, as well as Alfred Jarry’s proto-surrealism. The exhibition takes its title from a philosophical question proposed by William Molyneux to John Locke about the recovery of sight. If a man born blind can feel the differences between shapes such as spheres and cubes, could he similarly distinguish those objects by sight if given the ability to see? This problem is mentioned by Locke in his An Essay Concerning Human Understanding, regarding the basis of knowledge and the mechanisms of thought in the human mind.

Fortes Vilaça Gallery Rua James Holland, 71 – São Paulo From 10 August to 10 September www.fortesvilaca.com.br

Photo: João Maria Gusmão + Pedro Paiva, Fruit Polyhedron (still), 2009 Filme 35mm [35 mm film]
Edição de [Edition of] 4. Courtesy Galeria Fortes Vilaça

Words: Douglas Negrisolli

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