Friday 9th July 2010. 8pm-4am

100 Artists, 1 Venue, 1 Night, 9 Areas, 10 Live Spaces + Seated Cinema

Live Art/Performance/Music PA’s/

Advance £10 Q-Jump Tickets available from

On the door: £10 b4 10pm/ £12 after

ARTISTS confirmed so far include:

Aine Phillips & Manuel Vason, Alessandro Vitali, Alex Fear, Allan Stanley Taylor, Andrea Contin, Angel Rose, Anita Ponton Anno Bergmann, Art Bites, Ashley Ryder, Ben Charles Edwards, Ben Hopper, Berivan Sayici & Paul Florian, Bernadette Louise, Catherine Maffioletti, Chrisalys, Christian Simmons, Christina Millare, Dædalus, Feral, Fernando Merinero, Francesco Benenato, Getinthebackofthevan, Hakan Akcura, Hard Ton, Holly Revell, Ilka Leukefeld, Inbred Hybrid Collective, Inprocess Collective, James French, James Leon, Jason Atomic, Javier J.Plano, Jonny Woo, Joseph Mercier, Julia Uberreiter, Justin Allen & Rachel Parry, Kat Hanula, Kate Pelling, Kenneth Cockwhore, Kevin Brian Howbrook, Kimbal Bumstead, Kris Wlodarski, Ladywinterbum, Lars Siltberg, Les Child, Link Leisure, Maciej Toporowicz, Magdalena Suranyi, Marianna & Daniel O’reilly, Martin The Robot, Maxime Angel, Mouse & Tom The Bear, Mr Pustra/Daemiane, Nadia De Carlo, Natasha Caruana, Nathan Evans, Nicola Canavan, Nicola Ruben Montini, Oliver Frost & Marc Massive, Paniclab, Paula Davy, Pete May, Richard Dedomenici, S.Astrid Bin, Sasha Selavie, Savage Skin, Sonofabitch, Susan Mortimer, The Readers, Thomas Draschan, Thomas Fishenden, Thomas John Bacon, Tom Walker, Trademark, Ves Pitts & Joe Jeffreys.


FILM screenings include
‘UNCLE DAVID’ starring David Hoyle & Ashley Ryder
Introduced on the night by Ashley Ryder.

‘THE TOWN THAT BOARS ME’ starring Jodie Harsh, 
Kelly Osbourne & Sophie Ellis Bexter



This event addresses CENSORSHIP.
Is CENSORSHIP really appropriate? 
Do individuals have the right to say whatever they wish even if this offends someone else?
Does CENSORSHIP have the effect of making art more appealing, more glamorous, and more exciting?
Is it controlling and arrogant to suggest the public needs protecting?
Is CENSORSHIP about what’s morally wrong or obscene, or is it subjective?

CENSORSHIP surrounds us, be it freedom of speech, censorship of art and culture, freedom of expression or removal of media that’s deemed to be harmful, insensitive, objectionable, embarrassing or inconvenient to those in power. Thankfully it’s extremely hard (if not impossible) for those in authority to control our personal choices and forms of expression because in order for us to be controlled we must all think the same way, which of course is never really going to happen.

Curated and produced by Oliver Frost and Marc Massive and now in its 8th year, ACT ART is an underground event that takes place twice year, merging art, fashion, pop and club culture. ACT ART programmes experimental, radical, challenging, non-mainstream work that’s sometimes difficult to watch, or be confronted with, by emerging and established artists working in all media. ACT ART offers a space for those who are willing to take risks, have something to say (be it political, confrontational, beautiful, or ugly and where censorship is not an issue, and aims to bring different people together, brake down social groups, steer away from the cliquey art world and its politics, and make art more accessible and fun whilst still remaining thought provoking.

Duration 09 July 2010 - 10 July 2010
Times 8pm-4am
Cost £10 B4 10pm £12 after
Venue Islington Metal Works
Address 7, Torrens Street Angel EC1V 1NQ, ,
Contact 07939 320758 / /

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