Alexander de Cadenet: Life-Force


Alexia Goethe Gallery is pleased to present Life-Force, Alexander de Cadenet’s solo exhibition in London, featuring a selection of works charting the artist’s creative process.

Life-Force, inspired by the Aboriginal term ‘wungud’, explores the nature and enigma of creating art. The exhibition takes the form of a journey featuring paintings, sculptures, photographic ‘skull portraits’ and a series of short written texts.

On entering the space on the ground floor, we encounter the Life-Line series of paintings: single brushstrokes or points of multi-coloured or monochromatic paint onto aluminium sheets and surrounded by brushed vortices and swirls scratched into the metal surface. The paintings record both the ‘climactic’ moments of its creation and simultaneously suggest a metaphorical overview of a life’s journey.

Upstairs we continue with small scale, life-sized sculptures, cast from meteorite metal. These objects have been selected for their sacred and metaphorical significance to the artist and explore the role of sculpture as monuments to the inspirations behind their creation.

Finally, we arrive at the final section of ‘Life-Force’: the skull portraits based on x-ray photography. This series of subjects, who are themselves sources of inspiration in the artist’s life, are presented for the first time in relation to their own environments. The portraits attempt to capture a deeper ‘psychic’ record of the subject’s identity by combining both objective and subjective elements. The series continues an exploration into the nature and function of portraiture today.

A publication written by the artist entitled, ‘The Secrets’ has been produced to accompany the show. These poems and short written texts offer further insights into the inspirations behind the process of creating art.

The artist asks us, not to consider the cosmic and metaphysical in opposition to the ordinary, but as being part of it, integral to it. Oliver Basciano, 2010.

And will there be a great day of reckoning? There is a ghoulish humour in de Cadenet’s jest with the skull image: these will persist, of course, long after we become crematorium dust. They even have a life of their own. Sara Wilson, 2010.

Alexander de Cadenet was born in 1974 and lives and works in London.

Duration 24 September 2010 - 19 November 2010
Times Monday-Friday 10am - 6pm Saturday 11am - 4pm
Cost Free
Venue Alexia Goethe
Address 7 Dover Street London W1S 4LD, ,
Contact / /

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