Around The Table

No 20 Arts presents AROUND THE TABLE, a group show featuring artworks by Camilla Hanney, Lauren-Marie Haywood, Januario Jano, Jocelyn McGregor, Anna Perach, and Loreal Prystaj.

From kitchen counters to the dining room table and home decor, this exhibition brings together a group of artists who have found inspiration in domestic spaces, within which we have all spent many long hours over the past year. In the artworks presented here, boundaries blur between the body, the space it inhabits, and the food it consumes.

Based in London, Camilla Hanney is an Irish artist working through sculpture, ceramics, and installation. Inspired by domestic spaces and rituals, Hanney presents the familiar in an unfamiliar context, playing with tensions between beauty and repulsion, desire and disgust.

Lauren-Marie Haywood is a British artist based in London. Drawing on her personal history and Caribbean heritage, Haywood creates artworks which seek to celebrate dark skinned individuals, while simultaneously reflecting upon the historic and contemporary struggles of British African-Caribbean communities.

Ukrainian (USSR) born, Israeli artist Anna Perach lives and works in London. Drawing on memories of Soviet domestic environments, her practice employs a technique called tufting, through which she creates hand-made carpet textile sculptures. Perach’s interest in the domestic sphere as an extension of the self, gender, and heritage is epitomized within her artwork, as the body and domestic space visually intersect.

Working through photography and installation, London-based American artist Loreal Prystaj transforms the gallery space into an immersive domestic setting: a space for the viewer to ‘consume’ and be consumed by sights, scents, and sounds. Both playful and erotic, Prystaj’s artworks invoke haptic experiences following a time of physical and sensual isolation.

From Angola, Januario Jano lives and works in Luanda, London, and Lisbon. Stemming from a focus on research, Jano’s artistic practice explores cultural and personal histories through film, textiles, photography, and performance. His artwork examines the construction of identity, reflecting on ideas of home and the self.

Based in Cumbria, British artist Jocelyn McGregor creates sculptures, installations, and stop-motion animation which offer glimpses into fictional, hybridized worlds. Her work plays at the point of transition between the domestic and wild, between animal and human.

Duration 07 May 2021 - 26 June 2021
Cost Free
Venue No 20 Arts
Address 20 Cross Street, London N1 2BG, ,
Contact +44 (0) 20 7226 9083 / /

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