Bay View: Tina Hage, Keh Ng, Lisa Slominski, Keli Reule

Bay Gallery is representing contemporary work of emerging British-based artists, focusing on innovative emerging work being produced in London. This new body of work presented by Bay Gallery promises to be inventive cross-disciplinary work.  The gallery also specialises in contemporary Aboriginal art from Utopia in the central desert of Australia.

Tina Hage

In Tina Hage’s digital photography based practice, she is most interested in the relationship between the crowd and the individual and how they are represented in the mass media. She employs contemporary photojournalistic and topical imagery from newspapers and the internet.  By using herself repetitively she re-enacts these scenes for creative factual representation.

Once re-made, these images sometimes feel more ambiguous than the initial context of the image as although they still refer to the source, questions are raised about the real and the new context in which the piece now exists.  

Keh Ng

Keh Ng’s practice is concerned with the phenomenon of urban myth. He is interested in the stories that people remember, recount and re-deploy over time, as he believes that these narratives lie close to the crux of what matters most to those who live in these urban environments. The works presented in Bay View investigate stories and observations from London and Beijing. Ng’s work references urbanity, comic books, pop art and outsider art.

Lisa Slominski

Lisa Slominski’s recent work documents a train of thought or a state of mind that doesn’t physically exist.  The work featured in this exhibition is print and wall-based sculptures serving as studies for her larger installations for which she is known. 

Constructed with DIY materials, Perspex, vinyl and elements found in interior design, Slominski’s uses the durability and directness of materials, as well as finishes and styles associated with advertising, to create something permanent out of something intangible.  The work is dynamic, playful and seductive.

Keli Reule

Keli Reule is interested in the idea that these paintings are not instruments that use acoustic means, but that are plugged into an electrically charged space: a space that has elements of motion, chaos, spectacle and even possibly beauty as tenets of its currency. In so far as there is a sort of alchemy – where the edge of the water meets land is the most precarious, fertile and naturally chemically volatile places and that edge is where this work is growing from.


Duration 03 March 2010 - 04 April 2010
Times 6pm onwards
Cost Free
Venue Bay Gallery
Address 62B Elsham Road London W14 8HD, ,
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