Defining Structure

Defining Structure is a group exhibition of established and emerging artists. The diverse artworks of installation, sculpture, painting, print and virtual reality allude to our complex environment. Structure takes many forms from the organic to the industrial and even to the sublime. The exhibition sets out to represent the spectrum of structure from molecules to universes.

Samuel Zealey’s sculpture Molecular Monolith sets the tone of the show. The piece can take a new form each time it’s installed and represents the micro-organism through its industrial steel structure. His work is concerned with the ‘ongoing and complex conversation, whilst also highlighting the challenges our current environmental climate faces and the moralistic issues brought about by contemporary technological advances’.

Rita Parniczky’s X-Ray Vaults pieces are woven on a loom and hang from the ceiling. These pieces interact with the space and light. She states that her works ‘expose structural details of everyday objects and materials, especially those which become visible under close observation’.

Fiona Grady will be exhibiting a window installation. Her practice ‘recognizes the relationship between architecture, installation art and decoration; often using traditional mediums in a modern context. She plays with light, surface and scale; each piece changes with the light of day emphasising the passing of time and the ephemeral nature of the work’.

Vicki Fornieles’s 50-metre long C-type print, Tussle, will cascade from the ceiling and over the mezzanine. The piece is of found imagery of male boxers. Her work ‘mimics the poses of the women depicted, reclaiming the gaze, reclaiming the body. Replication of the boxers’ stances and actions, holding, pushing, fighting with the paper and the projected figures, spilling in a heap on the floor. The body combines with the photographic process demanding an altered perception of the figure in action’.

Oli Lane’s virtual reality collaboration with Alexander Hinks sets out to explore the concept of structure in new realms of technology. Digital collages of Alexander’s paintings have been embedded in VR. Allowing the viewer to enter, interact and explore a cosmic space. His works ‘represents the relationship between nature, technology and the sublime, as upon peering into another world with bold straight line structures which contrast curves and fluidity. The voids and chasms of space allude to universes. The unknown has always captured my imagination and my paintings reflect the diverse elements, which surround us’.

Curated by Alexander Hinks


Christina Augustesen, Juan Bolivar, Matt Calderwood, Pen Dalton, Benjamin Deakin, Etienne De Villiers, Luke Dowd, Robert Dunt, Vicki Fornieles, Fiona Grady, Jane Harris, Alexander Hinks, Oli Lane, Juliette Losq, Patrick O’Sullivan, Rita Parniczky, Kasper Pincis, Katie Pratt, Henry Tyrrel, Andrea V Wright and Samuel Zealey.

instagram: @thecellofactory

Duration 28 September 2018 - 07 October 2018
Times Fridays to Sundays 2-6pm or by appointment
Cost Free
Venue The Cello Factory
Address 33-34 Cornwall Road, London, SE1 8TJ
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