Hanmi Gallery in LAF Art Projects 2016


Hanmi Gallery is pleased to show a solo presentation of the Korean multi-media artist Geum MinJeong’s (b.1977) video-sculptures and video-installations for LAF Art Projects 2016. This will be the first London presentation of the Seoul based artist.


Collective memory and space are integral to the Geum’s concerns and research. Focusing on the historical context and density which certain spaces poss, the artist extracts speci c interior andarchitectural features as a framework of her visual representation. Geum recreates private and public spaces and constructs new and ambiguous narratives.


Guem has showcased a series of site-speci c video and sculpture installation works – Breathing, Twisted and Melting Object series – on the theme of ‘breathing space.’ Guem’s video installations transform the shape of a white wall or embrace impossible external spaces such as forests and ocean into an interior space. ‘Exhibition space’ itself becomes the subject matter for the artist.


In works such as Breathing Door (2007) depict a large white closed door which in ate and de ate to the sound of slow breathing. The symbolism of doors in art history can be traced back to paintings inside Egyptian tombs, signalling beginnings, transition, gateways and time. Geum’s digitally manipulated image of ‘breathing’ door allows for a meeting point between everyday realities and vivacity of human imagination. The embodiment of ‘breath’ in Geum’s works instills speci c stories which a certain space has accumulated through the  ow of history and time. The natural relationships imbued in the act of ‘breathing’ is also consolidated into a poetic scenario and choreographed movement.


Geum explains that “By making the space that I experience move and breathe, I would rather express the self in it – that is, the essence and value of humans. I wanted to take a closer look at it as a symbol representing the essence of people by moving a physical space, not a narrative  lm as virtual reality”.  Her emphasis on creating ‘space’ is the result of the artist’s quest to distill the essence of humans through these vacuums rather than to construct a narrative  lm or virtual reality. Geum MinJeong’s medium choice of working with video allows the artist to overturn and deconstruct issues of ‘time’ and fuse history with personal memories.

Duration 20 January 2016 - 24 January 2016
Cost Free
Venue Business Design Centre
Address 52 Upper Street London N1 0QH, ,
Contact +44 (0) 208 286 2246 / /

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