Harriet Bell ‘The Kellys and the O’Kellys. There’

‘The Kellys and the O’Kellys. There.’ Is the latest solo exhibition by Harriet Bell taking place at Millennium in St. Ives from 21st November until 14th December.

Bell is an elusive artist who is often refreshingly difficult to pin down; stating, “If the work speaks, does the artist need to? If the artist speaks, does the work need to?”  The only words present in the exhibition catalogue; “We all have to leave”, leave little doubt that Bell is an artist who is able to just say it, without having to say much at all.

The exhibition itself consists of one floor of sculptural components, placed together to form an installation. There is no specific narrative but Bell often ‘borrows’ words and often rearranges those words, which are then cast like seeds. The images that she works from are stored in the details and intuitions of her life, her inner culture. Running from one to another, becoming clarified and whittled down of extraneous material, being forced – in the end – to express the essence of themselves. Her objective is to make work that is completely integrated; each piece to contain it’s meaning within but emanating that meaning as a presence around it.

This spirit continues with numerous exquisite works made with pencil or collage on tracing paper, there is a sense of a narrative that once again exists beyond words.

Clearly, Harriet Bell is an artist who remains suspicious of artist’s statements. Feeling that there is a sense that translating the meaning of the work in to the written word distracts from the language that the work itself contains. So her works must be experienced and the results of doing so are profoundly moving and personal.

Joseph Clarke, Gallery Director at Millennium states “It’s a pleasure to be housing this exhibition, Harriet Bell is an artist who makes work, that is it, that is where her faith is placed, and the process is a private one. For me it is a privilege to be a witness to that work, the translated experience of the viewer could perhaps be described as a spiritual one. I urge people to make the most of the opportunity to enter this intimate world.”

Duration 21 November 2009 - 14 December 2009
Cost Free
Venue Millennium
Address Street-an-Pol St Ives TR26 2DS, ,
Contact 44 (0) 1736 793121 / mail@millenniumgallery.co.uk / www.millenniumgallery.co.uk

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