Join us and sell your stuff at the Internet Yami-Ichi As part of Offprint London 2016 @ Tate Modern,

20 – 22 May 2016*, arebyte Gallery will join Offprint London 2016 to host London’s first ever Internet Yami-Ichi (Black Market) event at Tate Modern as part of Offprint London 2016. The fair will showcase up to 20 local and international artists working mainly in digital and net-based practices exploring the potential of online art IRL (In Real Life).

The Internet Yami-Ichi (Black Market**) is a weekend flea market which deals with “Internet-ish” things, face-to-face, in actual space. Both flea markets and the Internet are fantastical and chaotic mixes of the amazing and the useless. Past vendor wares include rejected iOS apps, glitch, digital publishing, embroidered clothing, and the right to be hugged by an Internet idol. It is up to you how to interpret “Internet-ish” things. Unavoidably there is a small participation fee of £200 (+VAT) per table. This can be shared with up to 3 artists (per table).

The Internet Yami-Ichi is a celebration, where together we experience the afterglow offline, as the “buzz” of the Internet wears off. After visiting Berlin, Brussels and Amsterdam, Linz, New York and more, Tate Modern in London will be the pinnacle of all Yami-Ichi’s.


Who are we looking for?

We have 20 tables available for artists, programmers, researchers and other Internet freaks who would be interested in participating in the “Internet Black Market”. For each participant we will provide a table, a 230v power outlet, wifi, a free festival pass and most importantly the framework of a weird internet market.

Each participant can choose either to be alone or to share the table with up to 2 participants.

The cost of a table is £200 (+VAT) for the entire 3 days and will be divided according to the number of artists on each.Anyone can participate as long as they offer goods and/or services that are somehow related to the Internet! You could sell meme-cookies, 3D data of your favourite rocks, open a real-live YouTube-stage, or do whatever you want (as long as it’s legal).

Deadline: May 1, 2016!

We are very excited and hope that you will join us in making this the best digital event of the year!

To register please click here and fill your details.

* Friday from 6-10 / Saturday from 12-8pm / Sunday from 12-6 pm

Participating artists will have to be present during these days. On the first day artist should arrive 2 hours prior to set-up.

** Do not sell things that may harm visitors or other participants. Illegal items are prohibited.

The event will be held at Tate Modern, vendors are of course not allowed to vandalize, harm or permanently leave a mark on the site, even if it is ‘For the sake of Art’. Avoid things that may harm or offend others, such as a strong smells or works which could be deemed offensive to others.

We reserve the right to cancel your participation (without a refund) if we find your work to be of this nature.

Info about The Internet Yami-Ichi

Dear Internet people of United Kingdom (and beyond),

Greetings. We are a secret society from Japan, the country that brought you anime and ramen. We are known as IDPW, or “I-pass” for short. We were founded “over 100 years ago” to make the Internet reign in the actual world. We need your help. We will stage one of our information age flea markets, the “Internet Yami-ichi (Internet Black Market),” in London on 22nd May 2016 from 12pm – 6pm at the amazing Tate Modern (Bankside, London SE1 9TG) as part of The Offprint London fair.

We’re so excited! However, the Internet Yami-ichi won’t work without the participation and interaction of a lot of people who love or even hate the internet (yet secretly adore it). So we would very much appreciate your involvement.

More detailed information on the Internet Yami-Ichi can be found here:

Short documentary Video about Yami-Ichi:

Looks fun right? If you want to take part fill out our registration form.

Have questions? We’ve included some participation guidelines below.

Please join us in having the Internet Yami-ichi in a way that’s truly unique to the best city in the world, London!

Yours truly,

IDPW + exonemo + arebyte Gallery + Offprint London


Participation guidelines

Interested in being a vendor? Please sign up here.

 (You can make changes later, but sign up now!)

If you have any questions, send us a note:


Below are important notes that are subject to change depending on the venue layout of Tate Modern:

The Internet Yami-ichi is a flea market where people sell Internet-ish things face to face. Past vendor wares include rejected iOS apps, glitch, digital publishing, embroidered clothing, and the right to be hugged by an Internet idol. It’s up to you how to interpret “Internet-ish things.”

  • Do not sell things that may harm visitors or other participants. The selling of illegal items is prohibited.Please do not vandalize or make the venue dirty.
  • Avoid things that may cause trouble for other people, such as things that have a strong smell.
  • You set the price for what you sell. You receive all profits from sales.
  • The event is free to attend!
  • Please bring your own small change for your own customers. You can also use services such as Square or Venmo for your transactions.
  • Please take your entire rubbish home with you.
  • Set up and take down your booth on the day of the event.
  • The event will last a while, (12pm – 6pm) we suggest inviting a friend that can watch your booth if you want to get something to eat or need the restroom.
  • You can share your space with a friend so long as you let us know, and they fill out a vendor form.
  • Approximately 6 feet by 30 inches of selling space is allocated, with additional space for you and your things. If you have a special project that is large in size please let us know and we will try to make it happen.
  • Price for full table is £200 (+VAT). You can share is with up to 3 people (including yourself). Please let us know if you prefer of being alone or if sharing with someone specific.
  • Have fun!






Duration 20 May 2016 - 22 May 2016
Cost Free
Venue Tate Modern
Address Bankside London SE1 9TG, ,
Contact 07531574666 / /

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