Malin Persson / Sundown

While having been a resident of The Netherlands for over a decade, Persson has continued to revisit the landscapes of her native Scandinavia. Paintings such as Light Revelation and Light Line explore the atmospheric cadences of light and dark particular to the region that Persson grew up in. Memory plays a substantial role in her paintings, often lending them a sense of nostalgia and childhood. In Hanged Flags to Lighten the Dark, an otherwise bleak tangle of branches is adorned with bright bunting-like triangles, as if some attempt has been made to turn the wilderness into a warm and friendly place. With imagery reminiscent of an illustration from a Hans Christian Anderson fairytale, it is a painting that plays upon a variety of contrasting couplets: light and dark; real and abstract; wilderness and domesticity.


In Landscape with colour scheme, there is a strong sense of Persson endeavouring to domesticate the landscape. A rendition of a sunset is shown alongside an index of its constituent colours, displayed in the style of an interior paint colour chart. A similar style of abstraction can be seen in the diptych Neutral Colour and Neutral Colour Abstract. Here, Persson exacts a process of fragmentation upon the soft skyscape, compressing the expanse of cloud into a flat grid of diamonds. Evocative of Bridget Riley’s abstraction of the Cornish coastline, these works emphasise colour and rhythm as a means for recalling the atmosphere of a place.


Further interplay between domesticity and nature can be seen in Persson’s watercolours, where motifs used in her works on canvas to depict horizons, such as diamonds, appear in homely, nostalgic scenes that map the landscape of remembered interiors. Persson’s watercolours provide a context for her works on canvas, indicating that her landscapes are as much a depiction of the emotional geography of memory, as they are of the physical world.

Duration 15 September 2011 - 07 October 2011
Times Wed – Sat, 12 – 6 pm and by appointment. Gallery closed 24 December 2010 – 4 January 2011
Cost Free
Venue Hidde Van Seggelen
Address 2 Michael Road London SW6 2AD, ,
Contact 020 3441 3652 / /

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