Mauro Pellegrini & Barbara Pianca – The zero dimension (what we like best)

Mauro Pellegrini & Barbara Pianca

Zero Dimension (what we like best)

curated by Fabio Carnaghi

The zero dimension (what we like best), a solo exhibition of Mauro Pellegrini and Barbara Pianca curated by Fabio Carnaghi, tells an intimate geography that brings to an original condition by passing cultural superstructures. In site specific project, the space traced in the itinerary of the cavernous tunnel of a Cistercian abbey, dominated by the combination of light and dark in sense of reminiscence and discovery, identifies the old resemblance between places and the malleability of wax with a possibility of erasability and rewriting.

It is no coincidence the association of  two acts – plastic for sculpture and projective for the photographic image – in the work of Pellegrini and Pianca. The connotation of the unique creative practice of two artists converge on the ground of the memory-image, in other words it’s a combination of past and future and innately founded on emotion. This itinerary is a conceptual-emotional path where memory affects and conducts the organs of the body in a physiological movement. 

The leitmotiv of the whole project is this plastic activity that shapes and reshapes the experience and continually revisits the comparison and processing experiential. 

The zero dimension is a incessant writing on a tabula rasa that makes use of the memory  as emotional condition that paves the way to knowledge.


The zero dimension (what we like best) for Biodiversity – contemporary art events, is sponsored by ARK Cultural Property and Contemporary  in Expo in Città Milano 2015, supported by Parco dei Mulini and Fabbrica di Sant’Ambrogio,  with patronage of Regione Lombardia.



The research of Mauro Pellegrini and Barbara Pianca is an exploration of the universal themes of man, focused on the relationship between body and mind and the process of archiving and protection of memories. Their artistic production ranging from installation to photography, valuing different natural materials like bread and terrain, as well as using different artificial materials and technology such as LED and biodegradable plastics. They live and work in Italy and UK.

Fabio Carnaghi is art critic and independent curator. Scientific and cultural co-ordinator for the FAI (Italian Environment Found) in his research focuses on visual languages of the contemporary view of sustainability, transversality and cultural development, favoring areas with high environmental impact and the strong historical connotation.The interest in the conservation and enhancement of cultural heritage together with attention to environmental issues has led to collaborations with institutions (UNESCO-MAB Man and Biosphere, Parco del Ticino), local associations and heritage of historic houses in Milan and its territory for which he is working on a circuit. He was curator of  modern and contemporary art exhibitions and events in historical locations (Monastero di Torba, Villa Panza, Villa Balbianello, Ninfeo di Villa Litta, Villa Arconati). He is the author of articles in professional magazines, publications and monographies on contemporary artists . Fabio Carnaghi is Art Director of ARK Cultural Property and Contemporary, no profit association based in Milan. Lives and works in Milan.

Duration 12 June 2015 - 04 July 2015
Times Opening June 12, 2015, at 7 pm - Saturday and Sunday, 10am - 12 am / 4 pm – 7pm - Monday-Friday from 4 pm to 7 pm by appointment (+39 338 7576502)
Cost free entrance
Venue Sant'Ambrogio della Vittoria Abbey, Milan
Address Via Giovanni Spagliardi Parabiago, Milan 20015, ,
Contact +39 338 7576502 / /

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