or-bits.com launch: On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG

Friday 28th June 2013, 6.30-8.30pm.


or-bits.com launch: On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG


On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG, is a new or-bits.com publishing project: a POD book, also distributed as a PDF, which includes artworks by:


Jamie Allen, Renee Carmichael, David Horvitz, IOCOSE, Michael Kargl, Sara Nunes Fernandes, Julia Tcharfas, Maria Theodoraki and Richard Sides with interviews contextualising the artistic process’ of the featured artists.

With a Skype Fluxus performance by Jamie Allen, a reading by Sara Nunes Fernandes, and more.


On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG is a book exhibition, or an exhibition in a book. A new configuration of selected material first presented online or for web broadcast, operates as an artistic, curatorial and design re-alignment of material originally compiled for online consumption for the book interface.  During production, the specificity of material engagement was considered, and what affects this may have moving between on and offline modes of presentation.


 “What are the representational languages ofthe interface? How does it work as text, image, sound, space and so forth, and what are the cultural effects, for instance of the way itreconfigures the visual, textual or auditory?” (Soren Pold, Interface Realism: The Interface as Aesthetic Form, 2005.)


On the Upgrade – WYSIWYG will be soon available as a POD book        and PDF on Lulu.com, our website and selected online                                 distributors and bookshops.

On the Upgrade is the publishing series of or-bits.com that explores the relationship between    artistic production and distribution online and print publishing. The projects within the series look           at processes of translation of artistic material which, originally created for a website, migrate to a             different site, taking up different forms and formats, in print. On the Upgrade 

considers the              possibilities, limitations and characteristics inherent in the movement between sites of creation,    display, dissemination and engagement in relation to the increasingly broader notion of                                     publishing. It also functions as an offline archive of material and artworks firstly presented on or-       bits.com that, with each new project, respond to the site-specificity of the chosen print format, a             format conceived as an expansion of the original site of display, its source (our website).

            On the Upgrade started in September 2011 within or-bits.com off-site activities such as gallery    exhibitions, events and workshops.



Duration 28 June 2013 - 28 June 2013
Times 18.30-20.30
Cost Free
Venue Banner Repeater
Address Platform 1 Network Rail London E8 1LA, ,
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