PETE BENNETT and JEANNINE GUIDI Unseen Paintings and Drawings



“Vision after too many sermons, half a curse and half a prayer, somewhere between a trance or a stupor, graffiti for the dying or a smart coffin. A lot of art leaves me cold but I appreciate it.  In another life I could have been a serious contender.” Pete Bennett

“There is no particular theme, they are reflections of a prisoner, hunted by voices in my house that have no body and bodies without voices staring everywhere else.” Jeannine Guidi

Pete Bennett, from Blackpool, currently living in Hackney, London, and Jeannine Guidi from Zurich, currently living in New York, have both created significant bodies of work over several decades, but have rarely shown that work through the normal channels of exhibition and commerce. Both artists have a healthy suspicion of the art world’s dogmas and cliques, combined with a fierce sense of the sanctity of their own chosen creative paths.  Pete and Jeannine are trained artists who paint because it is deeply engrained in their nature to do so, both as pure forms of ritual expression and open communication.


Lauded by Peter Doig as a great painter, Pete Bennett, like Jeannine Guidi, dropped out of the art world at a relatively young age after deciding it was not for him. He said of that time: “Here I am trying to row a boat, these Goldsmith fellas are Buccaneers. It was the year all the Brit Art started.”

Billy Childish says:  ‘I, along with Steve Lowe at L-13, am very happy to help bring to attention Pete Bennett’s and Jeannine Guidi’s ethical, quietly intent, and spiritually charged approach to the making of art. An approach that’s in stark juxtaposition to an increasingly unethical and professionalised cultural environment with its 8 ugly eyes all fixed on commerce, achievement and success before love.”

Duration 08 April 2011 - 08 May 2011
Times Tues – Thurs 12 – 7 pm and Sundays 12 – 6 pm
Cost Free
Venue L-13
Address 31 Eyre Street Hill, Clerkenwell London EC1R 5EW, ,
Contact 07734 006 327 / /

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