Rä di Martino: Poor Poor Jerry

Rä di Martino’s second solo exhibition with the gallery, Poor Poor Jerry, draws on the language of animation and film to develop an emotive, absurd and chaotic narrative that cherry picks from cinematographies audio history.

“Over time, music, cinema and television have built a sharable and common imaginary, intertwining on many levels, and forming a free sentimental encyclopedia not based on an alphabetic or gender order. A set of signs apt to determine ages, places and experiences, both on a collective and personal level. Even if for many this experience becomes an instrument to better arrange emotions and build personal maps with which to move inside reality through the association of memories, for someone else it represents a burden from which it’s impossible to get free, a dead weight hindering new thoughts and original visions.

Poor Poor Jerry investigates our collective awareness, overlapping the deeds of an icon of an American animated series and desert landscapes of Lanzarote with pop cinema soundtracks and dialogues.” – Introduction by the curator, Davide Giannella

Duration 22 March 2018 - 06 May 2018
Times Wednesday to Saturday, 12 - 6pm
Cost Free
Venue Copperfield
Address 6 Copperfield Street, London, SE1 OEP
Contact 07845 594 549 / info@copperfieldgallery.com / www.copperfieldgallery.com

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