ROMA The Road To Contemporary Art 2009

An International Art Fair in Rome. We do believe Rome holds nowadays some of the essential conditions for initiatives aimed at the art market to be successful, transfer a positive communication to the city and strengthen the image of the city itself in its role of capital of arts in general. Rome has the charisma of the eternal city , but it is not yet known worldwide as a capital of contemporary art since the two museums dedicated to the sector started their activities only quite recently and a tissue of private and institutional collectorship has not yet been developed to such an extend to attract the interest of national and international operators. For a fair in Rome to be rich in results and not only a simple name added to the list of events, it will be important that it may conjugate the doubtless charm of the city with a proposal which must be both original and rich in contents. This will be the only way to awake the interest of the galleries, of the international public and private collectors and obtain those results – including the economic ones – which lay at the very basis of success. Why Rome It is certainly a pleonasm, but Rome is Rome: the town everybody knows, everybody wants to visit and to which everybody wants to come back: the history, the climate, the Mediterranean centrality and easiness of connection, a 26 million passenger airport and an over a hundred and fifty million traveler train station, the main seat of all the national and international media. For some time, all this has added up to attention paid to the media by the local councils, attention which has paid back in terms of news and articles which rank Rome amongst the most remembered and best described cities not only for its being a state capital, a political city crowded with traditional tourism, but with particular focus on the art events. We obviously do not refer to classic arts, such as the historical monuments, the Forum, the Coliseum and the like), but to an awakening of interest for contemporaneity in its different forms: from the opening of the Auditorium to other significant architectural projects, from the “Notte bianca” (Sleepless Night) to other musical, theatre and fashion events. In particular, as regards contemporary art , the establishment – within the Ministry for the Cultural Heritage and Activities – of a Direction exclusively dedicated to contemporary architecture and arts, the decision of implementing MAXXI, a new national museum for the arts of the 21st century, the presence of MACRO and its projects, of the new museum spaces inside and outside the structure, the Mattatoio (“Slaughterhouse), the exhibitions of contemporary international artist, are all signals which indicate the wish of filling this institutional gap on contemporaneity, which has affected the Italian culture (with few exceptions) in the last decades. To this new institutional ferment, Rome is offering an almost immediate response at private level through the opening of numerous new galleries (some of them as an emanation of large and well known international ones), new spaces for exhibitions, gatherings, events. If appropriately devised and managed, an exhibition is the greatest synthesis of such virtuous circle which sees the convergence of the artist, the gallery director, the critic, the public and private market into only one pathway characterized by the quality and significance of the different characters involved in the shared objective to the advantage of both the individuals and the collectivity. Furthermore, for the very reason that it involves all the great protagonists of the sector in unity of time, place and action this is also – as mentioned above – a tremendous tool for communication and promotion for the those who are involved in contemporary art within the territory, as well as for the whole city. The worldwide scenario of contemporary art fairs is particularly rich and tough. To mention but the most important successful events we may recall: Art Basel and Miami Basel, Art Forum in Berlin, Fiac in Paris, Arco in Madrid, the Armory Show in New York, Frieze in London, and Artissima in Turin, besides Art Cologne, Art Brussels, and Artefiera in Bologna. Dopo il grande successo della prima edizione torna, ROMA – THE ROAD TO CONTEMPORARY ART. Confermata la formula vincente della scorsa edizione: l’affascinante contrasto dei capolavori d’arte contemporanea accostati alla magnificenza dei palazzi storici romani; una formula inedita che tanto ha suggestionato galleristi, collezionisti, curatori, giornalisti e appassionati che lo scorso Febbraio hanno ritrovato il gusto di ammirare l’arte in un’atmosfera nuova. Il prossimo Aprile le più prestigiose gallerie nazionali ed internazionali riscopriranno il piacere di progettare un’esposizione unica in edifici di alto valore storico e architettonico; artisti internazionali già stanno arrivando in città per sperimentare le infinite suggestioni che Roma offre loro per preparare progetti unici e site specific; i collezionisti, provenienti da ogni parte del mondo, saranno invitati e ospitati nei giorni della fiera; gli ospiti avranno accesso ad un ricco programma culturale. Ma poiché l’arte contemporanea è naturalmente in continua evoluzione, anche ROMA – THE ROAD TO CONTEMPORARY ART non può fare a meno di rinnovarsi. ROMA – The Road to Contemporary Art, torna nella capitale dal 2 al 5 aprile 2009. La Fiera presenterà un nutrito gruppo di gallerie internazionali attive nel panorama dell’arte contemporanea. Una nuova sezione denominata STARGATE sarà dedicata alle gallerie più giovani che lavorano esclusivamente con artisti emergenti e che attuano programmi innovativi e di sperimentazione dei nuovi linguaggi dell’arte. Altri suggestivi e prestigiosi luoghi si affiancheranno a quelli utilizzati per la prima edizione, per dare spazio a progetti curatoriali specifici, a nuove sezioni per video, opere su carta, fotografia, installazioni, ecc.. Un programma che anche nel 2009 condurrà il pubblico alla scoperta della sorprendente Road to Contemporary Art. Appare chiaro oramai che la strada è segnata: Roma e l’arte contemporanea sono destinate a crescere insieme.

Duration 02 April 2009 - 05 April 2009
Times 12.00 - 21.00
Cost Intero: € 15 Ridotto: €10
Venue NULL
Address Via dei Pastini 114 Rome 00186, ,
Contact +39 06 69380709 / /

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