Romania made in China
The 21st of October – 26th of November 2010
Opening: Thursday, the 21st of October 2010, at 18-22 o`clock
Artists: Teodora Bicescu, Constantin Costea, Remus Ilisie Florian, Zoltan Jedlicska, Sara Kapas
Curator: Cosmin Nasui
Konstant Gallery
Piata Tineretului nr. 1. Oradea, Ro
“Made in China” are the words that accompanies a great deal of our reality, either from the communism or from the democracy. As many other things done in China and brought to Romania, the Romanian communism also was imported from there, as the capitalism`s consumer goods are provided from China too. The global superpower offers total allegory: map, the Romanian flag made in China, among the sharpeners, pencil boxes with winking faces, animated rulers, dragons, china, Geisha, samurai, manga, karate, ninja, pagodas, Buddha statue and other joy are presented constantly already in the mioritic space. Shortly, today`s Romanian world delights wears the words “made in China” small written somewhere in the corner.
The Konstant Gallery`s representative artists from Oradea , raised during the communism and then in democracy, had a “made in China” childhood and teens. Without living on the yellow continent, Teodora Bicescu, Constantin Costea, Remus Ilisie Florian, Zoltan Jedlicska, Sara Kapas visually admits that most of Romania is bade in China. And, of course, they present it punctually in their art through installations, painting, or multimedia.
Whether they replace or parasitize the values, the religion and the local traditions with the Chinese ones, whether they make up Chinese allegories in the visual European borders, the five artists bumps defiantly the imaginary of those two worlds in an exhibition that cannot be named otherwise than Romania made in China. – Cosmin Nasui

Duration 21 October 2010 - 26 November 2010
Cost Free
Venue Galeria Konstant
Address Piata tineretului, No. 1 Oradea 410357, ,
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