Shop, Shop, Shop

Shopping Through The Aisles Of Centuries

There’s more to shopping than meets the eye. The evolution of the logistics, style and design of shops gives strong clues about the socio-political undercurrents of any given era. While some people may find history lessons boring, shopping rarely is, for there’s always something that one is interested in possessing. How about the history of Luxembourg, as seen through the lens of shopping? The Luxembourg City History Museum has devoted three floors to a comprehensive study of the evolution of shopping in Luxembourg. Aptly entitled, ‘Shop, Shop, Shop,’ it’s both a commentary and an exploration of the shopping habits of the Grand Duchy’s inhabitants  

It covers different epochs, and it’s interesting to see the variations that were linked to changes in society as a whole. Or did the increasingly easy availability of goods that were once considered to be rare have an impact on society?  

Most towns came into existence or survived because they were on trade routes. Market towns in the Middle Ages had great significance, and sometimes had to fight hard to keep the commerce flowing. Most big cities are near a river that facilitated the growth of trade, and hence the expansion of the town itself to a large extent.

This exhibition explores the evolution of commerce in Luxembourg, specially from the early 19th century, going into detail about the different epochs. The population explosion from the 1830s to the end of the century, necessitated the growth of commerce.

Going from the ‘Belle Epoque’ of the early twentieth century to the depression of the two wars till our days, the exhibition takes one on the rough and tumble ride that doing business necessarily entails. Authentic objects from different time periods lend a nostalgic aspect to this thought-provoking exhibition. The exhibition reflects not just the evolution of shopping in Luxembourg, but also trends in Western Europe in different decades. The main thought being, whether we will needlessly consume most of earth’s resources to extinction, or can we shift the socio-economic paradigm of the planet simply by doing eco-friendly, socially responsible shopping?

With interesting talks and workshops for different age groups, including school children, the exhibition will continue until 30-04-2013

-©2013 Sultana Raza

Duration 17 May 2013 - 30 March 2014
Cost Free
Venue The Luxembourg City History Museum
Address The Luxembourg City History Museum Luxembourg L-2090, ,
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