Sonny Sanjay Vadgama – That Space Between

Teetering between points of extreme global and personal flux, Sonny Sanjay Vadgama’s first solo show in the UK explores That Space Between, which confronts the extremities of experience, when humanity oscillates between order and chaos, peace and war, and joy and destruction.

Presenting five new works, probing super contemporary and intensely personal moments, the show alludes to the eternal, global and universal nature of these transformative moments when the balance shifts between stability and chaos.

Vadgama states: “As individuals our existence depends on us maintaining a balance in all areas of life whilst occasionally allowing the extremes of our personality to manifest themselves. Similarly, on a macro scale, a nation-state generally needs to create a large, accepted and cohesive centre space so that it can function on a daily basis. However, as we know from the study of history and analysis of current events the status quo can suddenly and radically alter when least expected, as recently demonstrated with The Arab Spring. We also know that the human mind is an equally fragile organ and sudden changes can drag us in unexpected emotional directions that cause profound life changes.”

Vadgama’s practise considers not only these sudden extremes but also in the area between such points; “that space between” the apexes, both the planned and the unexpected.  Vadgama’s work draws on personal experience, a fascination with politics, philosophy, history, science and ultimately of economics, that most unpredictable of “sciences”, where attempts to predict, control and engineer societal impulses on a mass scale have intermittently led to global crises. By focusing on the similarities between the experiences of the individual and the collective nation-state, the works exhibited investigate the equilibriums and tipping points that operate on personal and societal levels.

That Space Between draws together five recent works:

Atlas appears to present images of missiles against a soundtrack of explosions, which is revealed as film footage of domestic fireworks.  Set to documentary audio of actual explosions from conflict zones, the piece probes the concurrent existence of extremes of emotion, of celebration and conflict, violence and joy erupting simultaneously. The title references both Cold War cartography, which delineated potential missile strike zones in the USA and USSR, and the mythical Titan who held the world in balance on its shoulders.

In Chaoskampf warped footage of a storm reflects the flurry of events that can breed chaotic mental states, an exploration of the mind as it strives to create order amidst chaos. The title ‘Chaoskampf’ relates to a series of stories told in different cultures about a sea god fighting a giant serpent, representing the battle of order and chaos.

A single eye stares directly at the viewer from video piece Poised on an Edge, a tear hovering on its surface. The work charts the blurred border between the chaotic emotional and controlled physical territories. Just visible in the lachrymal drop is a reflection of the world beyond.

A depiction of Pandora’s Box for the twenty first century, Akrasia uses audio-visual optical holographic projection to reveal the image of a metallic box slowly rotating, a dynamic sculpture representing the irresistible temptation of destruction. The title derives from the ancient Greek expression for losing self control.

In the series of photographic works, Faded imprint in the back of my… and  Degrees of Separation articulate the entropy of the passage of time; the two pieces take instant analogue film as their medium, using this temporal canvas to portray the erosion of memories, facts, structures and certainties through the passing of time

Sonny Sanjay Vadgama lives and works in London. He graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art with first class honours in 2009 and has exhibited in London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Galway, Sharjah, Paris, Beirut, New York and Delhi. Previous solo exhibitions include Misericord, Galleri Bastard, Stockholm, 2011 and Eye For An Eye, Artist?, Galway, Ireland (2009). Group exhibitions include Homespun, Devi Art Foundation, Delhi (2011);Al-Ghaib, Stux Gallery, New York  (2011); Mystére, Cartier Foundation, Paris (2011); The Unconscious in Everyday Life, The Science Museum, London (2010); Futuremap, London, and the 2011 Sharjah Biennial. He was awarded Parasol Unit’s Exposure Prize (2009) and shortlisted for the Catlin Art Prize (2009).

Duration 09 November 2011 - 22 December 2011
Times 11 - 6pm. Monday - Friday.
Cost Free
Venue University of the Arts
Address Arts Gallery London WC1V 7EY, ,
Contact 020 7514 2300 / /

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