Sungfeel Yun

Sungfeel Yun’s work shows an impeccable attention to detail and a high level of skill in constructing apparently delicate yet highly durable metallic forms. His steel sculptures are constructed using concentric and mathematically ordered circles, which, through a lack of visible bindings, appear weightless and pure. The artist is interested in the physical properties of various metals, including iron and stainless steel, and draws upon science as a rich source of inspiration. Using the vocabulary of technical and industrial development, Sungfeel’s practice remains relevant in the contemporary world. His work combines contradictory notions that can only be expressed in unity using a visual language; stillness and dynamism, permanence and ephemerality, solidity and delicacy.

Sungfeel Yun’s canvases have their conceptual root in eastern theories. This body of work can be divided into two groups and labelled variously; Ying and Yang, Apollonian and Dionysian, Chaos and Cosmos (Order) depending on ones cultural perspective. Chaos can be defined as a state of extreme confusion and disorder; the formless and disordered state of matter before the creation of the cosmos. Conversely Order can be defined as regular, logical or comprehensible arrangement of separate elements. It is impossible for one to exist without the other and eastern understanding sees Chaos and Cosmos as one and the same, as part of the circle of life. As this suggests the boundaries of this division are flexible and change in relation to one another as part of a greater whole. The essence of Yun’s aim is to represent these opposing but inextricable forces that are together believed to make up existence as one; to condense them and make them more comprehensible.

Duration 08 October 2010 - 07 November 2010
Times Tues to Fri, 12 - 6pm / Sat (12 - 5pm)
Cost Free
Venue Sumarria Lunn
Address Art Work Space London W2 3EA, ,
Contact 020 7483 1683 / /

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