Founded in 2000, the Toronto International Art Fair is one of the most successful fairs in North America. TIAF is held annually at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Canada’s top convention and trade-show facility located in the heart of downtown Toronto.

“Art Toronto is a special event that brings the entire contemporary Canadian art world together – from artists to collectors, from gallery owners to art museum curators. In its first decade, the fair has become a galvanizing force that reflects the breadth and vitality of contemporary art, while strengthening the critical connection between Canadian art and the international art world. As beneficiary of the Opening Night Preview, the AGO has been able to acquire works for its contemporary collection while advocating for art as part of everyday life and lived experience.”
Mathew Teitelbaum, the Michael and Sonja Koerner Director
and CEO of the Art Gallery of Ontario

“The very best fair in any country. Thank you and Thank you again. Your professional manner and friendly warm ways makes TIAF a joy to do. We all can’t wait till 2008, you are a true joy and thank you for making our business so easy.”
John Cacciola, J.Cacciola Gallery

“The Toronto International Art Fair has had a profoundly positive impact on the Canadian Art market since its inception in 1999.”
Nicholas Metivier, Nicholas Metivier Gallery

“This fair has done more for the reputation of my artists than anything I could have ever done. The crowds have been completely affirming. I hit almost half my sales goals just on the opening in night and they just kept growing and growing.”
Jeffrey Boone, Jeffrey Boone Gallery

“This was our eighth year at the fair and as usual it was hugely successful for us. We were thrilled to see more American collectors this year and believe this is due to the quality of the work at the show and the outstanding organization of every detail of the fair itself.”
Gallerie de Bellefeuille

“TIAF is a crucial part of the Canadian art world, offering audiences an opportunity to engage with art from across Canada and around the world. As culture becomes ever more globalized events like the art fair provide an opportunity for audiences to see how robust Canadian art has become. TIAF has become a cross roads where collectors, galleries, artists, curators, galleries and a passionate public converge to engage with contemporary art.”
David Moos, curator of Contemporary Art, Art Gallery of Ontario

“TIAF is the perfect venue for beginners to get started and for serious collectors to take their pick.”
Canadian Art magazine

“The Toronto International Art Fair is becoming the Basel of the north. I do shows like this all over the world and Toronto is getting talked about. That is to say, dealers are selling.”
“It was certainly a financial success.”(2006)

Jane Corkin, Corkin Gallery

“The Toronto International Art Fair will be to the art world what the Toronto International Film Festival is to the movie industry.”
Daphne Gordon, The Toronto Star

“I tell everyone that the Toronto fair is the best fair around. It really is, it’s just perfect. Well organized, beautiful venue and really exciting.”
Rebecca Hossack, Rebecca Hossack Gallery, London

“Toronto has reason to be optimistic.”
ARTnews magazine

“This was my first time at the fair and it was totally successful.”
Clint Roenisch, Clint Roenisch Gallery, Toronto

“I have seen a lot of progressive art at the Fair, and it has been easy to sell here. We came to the Fair to sell to curators and collectors.”
Juri Czyborra, Galerie Obrist am Museum, Essen

“Something unique is happening in Toronto.”
Maria Mineta, Mineta Contemporary, Brussels

“Clearly, this year the organizers are investing more deeply in the fair’s educational and curatorial programming, an approach that could give TIAF the reputation as a clearing house for new ideas.”
Russell Smith, The Globe and Mail

“It was the Toronto International Art Fair that really did it for me. I left the fair feeling great, like I had found my audience.”
Monte Clark, Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver/Toronto

“(TIAF) has now become an institution with a certain weight.”
Sarah Milroy, The Globe and Mail

“Cologne became the art centre of Europe. I think Toronto will get a lot of new impulses with the Toronto International Art Fair. That is why I came to the previous fair and why I will come again this year.”
Grita Insam, Galerie Grita Insam

“Last year was our first time and we sold three important works by important artists and two by young artists. We came back because Toronto has a very big potential to sell. I would [actually] like to see the show expanded one more day.”
Cedric Van Der Planken, Galerie Van Der Planken, Antwerp

Duration 22 October 2009 - 26 October 2009
Times Friday October 23, 12-8pm Saturday October 24, 12-8pm Sunday October 25, 12-6pm Monday October 26, 12-6pm
Cost $18.00
Venue Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Address 255 Front Street West Toronto , ,
Contact 1-800-461-3333 / /

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