“Welcome to the Pleasuredome – BUNKERS”

Artist: Leslie Farago. Curated by: Darren Warner.

People of West Ealing, West London, Greater London and beyond, you are cordially invited to a very special event: “Welcome to the Pleasuredome – BUNKERS” offers YOU the chance to delve into the underbelly of Bunkers.

Bunkers is a group of people that work together independently from Private and Public funding with the common goal to prevent the abolishment of Modernist architecture.

In recent times a number of Bunkers Recruitment Centres or BROs have been set up to get heads through the door. We, well now it’s I, believe in progression through expansion. People make the world go round. Bunkers needs people.

Unfortunately austere times have hit Bunkers hard; people have been looking inwards, to protect themselves. All BROs have now closed and with it many buildings that could have been saved have fallen. West Ealing was the last BRO. Witness for yourselves how it has been left and come paint yourself a picture of yesteryear. Films, uniforms, magnificent paintings, and files on display all record the years of Bunkers.

Come delve into our forgotten world. Take a manifesto home. Turn it into a fly poster. Buy an artwork, everything must go. Sign our mail list before you leave. Help reignite Bunkers.

“Welcome to the Pleasuredome – BUNKERS”.


Mr William Stickers

President and Caretaker of Bunkers

© Bunkers September —-


Disclaimer: The information disclosed is purely fictional and devised to make you believe in a society for art’s sake. Please help us, well me, in my quest to make Bunkers a force in the Art world by signing the mailing list and taking a manifesto. Keep in touch.

Duration 21 September 2012 - 30 September 2012
Times Open 21/9 from 6-9pm. Open 22-23rd and 29-30th from 1-5pm
Cost Free
Venue Salthill Centre Ealing
Address 12 Broomfield Rd West Ealing w13 9AP, ,
Contact 07786705380 / concretebunkers@gmail.com / concretebunkers.co.uk

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